10 accessories that will make a woman irresistible

Properly selected accessories emphasize the image of a woman. By placing accents, they transform and attract the eye. We will talk about accessories that really change the look of the owner.

cocktail ring

Party dresses, even simple cuts, attract attention. It is not easy to choose jewelry for them, an abundance of details can spoil the image. The best choice is a cocktail ring. It does not require additions in the form of earrings or a pendant, it is an independent accessory. Cocktail rings are distinguished by their large size and intricate design.


Women’s handbag as an accessory performs many roles. She completes the image, allows you to carry a phone, powder, wallet. The same dress in combination with different handbags looks different in each combination. Handbags are able to hide or emphasize the features of the figure! A well-chosen handbag becomes the calling card of the hostess. The variety of shapes, sizes, decor, styles of handbags is great. But in the basic wardrobe should be:

  • clutch for evening dresses;
  • miniature handbag made of textured leather or fabric prints;
  • discreet product with a laconic design on a long strap;
  • a flat bag in casual style that can fit a laptop or tablet.

It is more profitable to buy clothes for a specific handbag than to buy this accessory for each dress.


With the help of a belt, they emphasize the tenderness or deliberate severity of the image, the texture and density of the fabric, and bring together several dissimilar things into one ensemble. Having leather, textile, wide and narrow belts, glossy and textured, bright and discreet, a woman can be different in the same outfits.


The bracelet draws attention to the movements of the hands, creates an emphasis on their elegance. Even a discreet bracelet enlivens the whole composition, and a bright, unusual one is able to create and show the mood of a woman to others. Bracelets are good with clothes of a laconic cut, devoid of decor.


Wristwatches should be expensive and beautiful, or they should not be used at all. When choosing watches, they buy products with a universal design outside of a specific style. Then they can be easily combined with other accessories. The color of the metal of the case should be in harmony with other decorations.


Ordinary glasses with colorless lenses have now become a fashion accessory. A suitable frame will emphasize the oval of the face, draw attention to its features. Bright, contrasting shades of the frame are popular. Black, red, dark brown, ocher look amazing.

Scarf on the head

A thin kerchief bandage, a massive snood or a delicate scarf transform a woman. A beautifully tied scarf looks stylish, complements the bow and draws attention to the face. The network demonstrates hundreds of options for scarf headbands, and the accessories themselves are inexpensive. This is an easy transformation.


Berets – laconic and unusual, strict and with a pompom, openwork and textile – are always in fashion. This headdress gives a woman a special charm. Time takes spring and autumn.

Flat shoes

Neat pumps or ballet shoes retain the tenderness, naturalness of the image. For walking, daily activities, such shoes are indispensable. High-quality, made of natural materials, expensive, it emphasizes the impeccable taste of the owner.


The ideal wallet is not small, made of genuine leather, with a laconic design. This solution is for every day, it should be comfortable. This thing looks expensive. An interesting option is a wallet with a thin strap or handles.

To appreciate the role of an accessory in the overall picture, you need a high mirror. Having the opportunity to look at herself from head to toe, a woman sees whether the thing harmoniously fit into the assembled bow.

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