10 fashionable bows for autumn 2019

The presence in the women’s wardrobe is not just warm, but also stylish clothes, will help to survive the upcoming cold. Fashionable bows that designers have prepared for the fall-winter 2019-2019 will make you look bright, attractive and irresistible.

Stylish bows for autumn 2019

Despite existing trends, the main thing in clothing is convenience and comfort. Therefore, when choosing new clothes for your wardrobe, give preference to things that will make you confident!

Fashion autumn

From the article you will find out what you should pay attention to first of all in a clothing store, what colors and colors will be in trend this fall, whether it is possible to combine the incongruous. Let’s figure it out.

The stars are ready for autumn

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  • #1. Stylish bows for every day

In life there is always a place for a holiday. Even a trip to work or school can be made a special event, the main thing is to dress properly.

Stylish women’s suit

One of the most relevant and sought-after trends that all eminent designers have paid attention to is fashionable women’s bows for every day. In the fall of 2019, suits, jackets, strict skirts and trousers will be relevant, photos of the best looks are presented below. Moreover, in such clothes you can safely go not only to work in the office, but also to a restaurant, and even a club!

Trendy suit for autumn 2019

Classic suit options can be diversified with a complex cut, wider or tight trousers, an oversized jacket and more. The pajama style will be relevant, as well as suits made of velvet, leather, in the style of sport-chic.

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[stextbox id=’info’]An office dress code will be appropriate everywhere, the main thing is to properly “design” it, supplementing it with interesting accessories.[/stextbox]

  • #2. trendy plaid

The cage is a time-tested and almost always relevant and fashionable color. This season, the plaid will be appropriate in any part of the women’s wardrobe: outerwear (coats, ponchos, jackets), skirts, scarves, hats, bags and even shoes. The same applies to its colors, sizes and shapes. Any interpretation of the “squares” will allow you to create fashionable bows for the fall-winter 2019-2019 for women of all ages.

Checkered coat for autumn-winter 2019-2019

[stextbox id=’info’]I hope fashionistas understand that a stylish plaid is a must have for the upcoming season, so it should be present in the wardrobe in any form.[/stextbox]

  • #3. For real cougars

Animal print has long settled in the collections of famous fashion houses, and it seems that it does not intend to leave. At least not in the next season. For predator girls, as well as those who just want to create a similar look, designers offer to dress in a “leopard”, “tiger” and even a “zebra”.

animal print

Especially popular will be the bows, where the animal print is combined with patent leather. Such a symbiosis is appropriate in raincoats, skirts, bags, shoes.


  • #4. We combine the incongruous

To create a trendy bow, you need a non-standard taste. After all, the trend will be eclecticism. This autumn it will be possible to combine such shapes, sizes and colors that previously could not get along even on the same shelf in the closet.

We combine the incongruous

Moreover, there are no restrictions! Feel free to wear a polka dot blouse and a striped skirt, combine animal and floral prints, do not spare colors!

Would you dare to combine several “incompatible” prints in an image at once?

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  • #5. Favorite 80s

Everything new is well-forgotten old. Fashionistas know that fashion is cyclical and likes to be nostalgic from time to time. Not so long ago, designers made women nostalgic for the stylish 90s, today they decided to recall the 80s.

Fashion is back – stylish 80s

Remember metallic leggings, shoulder pads in blouses and dresses, a large number of accessories and voluminous jewelry – all this could be seen on the catwalks.

  • #6. Complex cut and layering

Layering one garment on top of another, multiple shirts, a blazer, a jacket and a coat can all be safely worn on top of each other. In the cold, the phrase “dress like a cabbage” has received a new fashionable context. Of course, some images from the catwalks may seem overly extravagant, but the idea itself, I hope, is clear to fashionistas. Photos of fashionable women’s bows for autumn 2019 will help you better navigate.

Complex cut and layering

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  • #7. Mexican and Indian motifs

An unusual combination of boho style with the folklore of Mexicans and Indians, clothes of ocher and brown shades, fringe and lacing decoration, wrinkled natural fabrics, voluminous ponchos and vests – all this will not only be allowed next fall, but also must be used.

Mexican and Indian motifs

  • #8. immortal tweed

Tweed is a comfortable and versatile material that has long taken its rightful place in the wardrobes of fashionistas around the world. It is tweed that combines traditions, a sense of style, chic and incredible practicality. Tribute to the classics this year was given by the fashion house Coco Chanel, Gucci and other eminent designers.

Tweed dresses for fall 2019

  • #9. Way to everything unusual!

Do you want to be on trend and follow the latest fashion trends? Then especially carefully it is worth approaching the choice of outerwear. Take a closer look at down jackets, fur coats and coats of unusual shape and cut, non-standard colors and original patterns. Photos of the most interesting ideas are presented below.

Non-standard solutions when choosing outerwear

  • #10. The most relevant and popular colors

Don’t want to experiment with cutting? Then take a look at the actual colors and patterns. This autumn you will not get bored of dullness. After all, the main colors of the season are scarlet and bright pink. You can use them in monochrome bows, as well as in combination with each other, black and other shades.

Bright colors and bold combinations

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Completing the fashion look

The strength of any fashionable bow is in its completeness. Therefore, choosing the most stylish and relevant clothes, shoes and accessories, you should think about hair, makeup, manicure and other details.


This fall, the trend will be luxurious curls and short haircuts of chestnut, red and light shades. Bright colors and shades will look interesting not only in clothes, but also on nails.

autumn look

The bow will be complemented by wide belts, accessories with fur trim, voluminous jewelry.

As for shoes, it is best to complement autumn-winter bows with ankle boots, shoes with stable heels in the style of the 80s, “Cossacks”, high boots and over the knee boots.

Stylish images from celebrities

[stextbox id=’info’]Pointed toe shoes are back in fashion.[/stextbox]

Despite the dullness in nature, the fashionable bows of the upcoming autumn and winter will be bright and non-standard. Those who are not ready for bold experiments can try the immortal classics….

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