10 secrets of a chic and expensive look with minimal spending

Looking expensive and chic does not mean that you need to dress only in expensive boutiques. You can make the best impression about yourself in a suit from the mass market, as well as remain uninteresting and gray in the most expensive dress. Style is an accessible skill that can be developed by following simple rules.

Neatness and neatness

Washed hair with minimal styling, beautiful hands, clear skin, perfect eyebrow shape are “trends for all times”. Neatness in clothes is just as important: do not leave the house in a wrinkled shirt, a stale T-shirt, a worn jacket. Get rid of stains and spools, and if this is no longer possible, it is better to completely abandon such a thing.

Cut and tailoring

The mass market is a kind of lottery, where you can buy both an impeccable thing and an awkward, crookedly tailored and sloppy thing. During the fitting, do not be too lazy to review all the lines, pay attention to the protruding threads. Some shortcomings can be easily eliminated, but when the tucks are not in their place, and the zipper on the jeans is bristling, it is better to refuse such a purchase.


Just a few stitches can turn a skirt you’ve been questioning a lot into a favorite piece that garners tons of compliments. Alter old and even newly bought things so that they sit on you flawlessly. If you don’t sew yourself, take the thing to the studio, where they will create the perfect fit for you for little money.

noble color

White, beige, monochrome colors are the invariable base of an elegant wardrobe, and monochrome bows from shades of gray, black and white, as well as a beige total bow, have been on the catwalks for several years. Light colors immediately make the image more stylish, feminine, airy. The combination of white, milky and beige is considered to be especially expensive.

Basic wardrobe

Gradually create a basic wardrobe according to your lifestyle, taste and type of appearance. Keep in mind that for each fashionista, the basic ones can be very different. For a mother with a child, it will be a loose sweater and comfortable trousers; for an office worker, elements of a dress code.


One of the most common mistakes is choosing the wrong underwear. Beige and black smooth bra without lace and other embellishments, exactly your size is a must-have. Underwear should be invisible under clothes, unless the purpose is to specifically demonstrate, for example, a luxurious lace bra under a sheer blouse.


Do not overload your look with unnecessary jewelry, frilly details, feathers, sequins and rhinestones in one bow. Minimalistic, trendy outfits always look more advantageous.

Fast Trends

Getting caught up in edgy trends that won’t last more than one season is a surefire way to splurge on an already small budget. A great alternative is “long-playing” trends that do not belong to the category of basic and classic things, but remain fashionable for a long time.

white shoes

Fashion for her entered our lives for a long time, and not surprisingly. After all, white shoes, loafers, sneakers and even boots make the image more airy, soaring, as if lifting it above the ground. Whereas old-fashioned black boots with rounded toes will ground it, make it heavy and boring.

Submit for recycling

Sort out your wardrobe and part with hopelessly outdated things without regret. It is better to wear only two relevant and beautiful sweaters in turn than a dozen dull sweaters from the “zero”. Do not confuse such things with high-quality vintage ones.

You will look expensive and chic only in clothes that fit perfectly on you, and only when you yourself are confident in your attractiveness. Spin around in front of the mirror until you get a result that satisfies you, and then you can simply put on the same bow without any extra preparations.

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