Тренды летней обуви 2020

10 summer shoe trends for 2020

Summer shoe trends 2020 are distinguished by diversity, unusualness, elegance, lightness, comfort. With so many fashionable novelties, any girl can express her personality and character.

Summer shoe trends 2020


The loudest trend of the summer is shoes with a chain. At one of the shows, the Bottega Veneta brand presented mesh shoes with a chain. The idea was picked up last season by many designers, and among them – JW ANDERSON, Proenza Schouler. But only brave women of fashion demonstrated chains, showing their luxury and playfulness. In 2020, they are at the peak of popularity. You can choose shoes with chains of different thicknesses, lengths, colors.

chains on shoes

Shoes with chains


Loafers are suitable not only for the demi-season, they are also comfortable and harmonious in the summer bow. They can be found in the collections of Prada, Loewe, Cucci, Chloe. For a hot period, designers offer this type of shoes without a heel, with heels, with flats and even with cutouts.


Fashion loafers


Platforms are not losing ground in the fashion industry. They are present at the shows of Gabriela Hirst, SIMONE ROCHA and other famous brands. They have a thick single-line or slightly increasing sole along the entire length. Despite this visual massiveness, they are comfortable, and also slightly lengthen and slim the legs.

Platform shoes

Platform options

flip flops

The most unexpected trend of the summer of 2020 was flip flops. The beach version has evolved into an elegant look of sandals, both flat and heeled. The most open, comfortable shoes for the summer have become relevant for urban life.

flip flops

Fashion flip flops

square toe

In recent seasons, designers have constantly focused on square-toed shoes. The popularity of this form is gaining momentum in sandals, sandals, mules, slippers. They indicate good taste, perseverance, firmness in any decisions of the hostess.

square toe

Square toe shoes

Mary Jane style

Mary Jane shoes are back in trend. They have a strap that is placed at the instep or around the ankle and most often ends with a small button. This detail makes the bow pretty, direct. Fashion houses Valentino, Chanel, Galliano demonstrated Mary Jane shoes at the shows.

Mary Jane style

Mary Jane shoes

Graceful Mary Jane shoes

3D format

Stylists offer to look at sandals and sandals in 3D format. Their volume gives lightness to the image and resembles twisted figures from long, thin balls in a miniature form. In addition, the created “puffiness” is pleasant and comfortable for the skin of the legs.

Volume of shoes

Fashion shoes 3D

Ankle ties

Designers recommend lovers of delicate feminine images various ties at the ankle and above. Shoes with them look more coquettish, more elegant.

Tie shoes

animal print

Animal prints have long become relevant in clothes, bags, winter and demi-season boots. The fashion world has gone further, decorating legs with them in the summer. Black stripes on a white background, like a zebra, or light brown, like a tiger, make the bow bold and romantic at the same time.

Animal prints


Fashion houses Stuart Weitzman, Emme Parsons, Christian Louboutin, Balenciaga, Ann Demeulemeester presented minimalist shoe styles in their latest collections. Minimalism is suitable for connoisseurs of classic style and understandable things. It is characterized by clear lines with a basic monochromatic color palette.

minimalist styles

Minimalist shoes

Summer shoes 2020 can combine several trends at the same time, which makes it easier for fashionistas to choose. For example, a square toe with ties or an animal print, a platform with straps.

Summer footwear

Summer sandals

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