10 things that should be in the wardrobe of every beauty

“You will not get a second chance to make a first impression” – the words spoken by Coco Chanel well reflect the importance of wardrobe in a woman’s life. Therefore, to recreate a positive effect, you need a list of top things that allow you to feel 100% in any situation.

Small black dress

As Karl Lagerfeld said, “You can’t look too chic or too simple in a little black dress.” The laconic model of the dress, with a simple cut, will become a “blank canvas” for a stylish look. It is enough to choose accessories and shoes. For example, laconic pumps and stud earrings are suitable for an office dress code, and a string of pearls, studs and red lipstick are suitable for a classic evening dress.

White shirt

A white shirt is a versatile item that looks great with accessories. It can be combined with trousers, skirts, jeans, sundresses, worn over tops or, on the contrary, worn under a jacket. With it, you can create different images. For example, with the top buttons unbuttoned or with a knot tied at the stomach, a white shirt looks feminine and sexy, while fully buttoned, it looks intellectual and restrained.


Classic pipes, two centimeters above the ankle – a style for all time. When choosing, it is better to give preference to plain models, basic colors. This will allow you to combine trousers with a different style top. So in a duet with a white blouse, you get an official look, with a leather jacket – a rebellious one, with a jacket on a naked body – an evening one, in the spirit of Hollywood stars.


They are essential! Good jeans, emphasizing the dignity of the figure, and hiding the flaws. It is optimal if they are smooth, classic blue or light blue, without holes and applications. If you want to add a touch of playfulness to the image, then jeans can be tucked up or supplemented with an interesting belt.

White T-shirt

According to Giorgio Armani, a white T-shirt is the alpha and omega of the fashion alphabet. Therefore, her presence is mandatory. It can be either a free or a fitted silhouette, the main thing is that it has a regular, round neckline and the “No name” status.

Black jacket

A versatile model that has not gone out of fashion for several seasons – a jacket that reaches mid-thigh, with narrow lapels. During the day, in combination with a shirt, trousers or skirt, it harmoniously fits into the office style. In the evening, adds style. For example, in combination with a silk top, skinny trousers and stilettos, a black jacket creates an image for going out. And in a compartment with a white T-shirt and sneakers, it is suitable for walking and going to the movies.


Shoes that will never go out of style! Beige and black pumps are a real classic, allowing you to elegantly complement the image and make the female leg elegant. It is optimal to choose concise models, without decor, and with a heel no higher than 10 cm.


Coming out of the sports wardrobe, sneakers confidently fit into the casual style. Shoes are suitable for trousers, jeans, skirts and dresses and are considered universal. Therefore, it is better if there are several models in the wardrobe. For example:

  • white and concise, without loud identification labels;
  • bright, fashionable and recognizable;
  • basic, with a dark sole.

Black leather biker jacket

A classic black leather biker jacket is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. It is better to choose a model made of soft leather, with a collar, without shoulder pads and catchy decor. You can combine a biker jacket with almost everything, from a romantic tutu skirt to boyfriend jeans.


A well-chosen skirt allows you to emphasize the dignity of the figure and create a feminine image. Dozens of styles, among which every beauty will find her own, will complement the wardrobe and give it completeness.

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