10 tips from stylists: how to look stylish in spring 2020

Wondering how to look stylish in spring 2020? We’ve rounded up some stylist tips to take your looks to the next level!


Such a different trench

Stylists around the world will not stop singing the praises of the midi length trench coat, because it can be interpreted into absolutely any image. The classic of the genre is a tandem of jeans and a loose white shirt, seasoned with a trendy trench coat. Complete your look with a bright bag and go anywhere.

The advice of stylists, as expected, is not limited to standard combinations. In the 2020 season, they certainly advise trying a tandem of this outerwear with flared pants in one tone or a cage. Among the fresh combinations, there is also a tandem with silk or leather items.

The 2019-2020 seasons were marked by a beige and brown palette. They still occupy a leading position in the fashion world, and especially perfectly reveal themselves in monochrome compositions. For example, it might consist of loose pants, sneakers, a basic T-shirt, and a raincoat.

You can transform the usual bow with a trench coat with the help of a beret, which will give the image a unique Parisian chic. Moreover, wide jeans in this way do not detract from the created elegant mood.

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White T-shirt

Many stylish looks in the spring can not do without a basic white t-shirt. For this thing to be truly indispensable, it must be made of thick cotton with a small amount of elastane, with a round collar and a loose fit. Here are some ideas from stylists on how to use this basic and truly versatile item.

Buy wide trousers

Fashion 2020 of the season decisively updated the leading trend of past decades – wide trousers. The most interesting thing is that now it is fashionable to combine this bottom with other loose items, because several incarnations of the oversized trend in one image are a trendy idea for the spring season.

[stextbox id=’info’]For obese women, a moderately loose fit in combination with an oversized fit will allow you to hide leg imperfections and look visually slimmer, and for petite girls, this novelty will help you look taller, especially in combination with high-heeled shoes.[/stextbox]

Polo T-shirt

Initially, the polo shirt was the prerogative of an exclusively male wardrobe, but enterprising girls quickly began to borrow a stylish thing for themselves. Now polo is experiencing a new revolution – stylists recommend combining it not only within the framework of a sporty style, but also creating non-trivial fresh combinations. For example, polo can be rhymed with business trousers, romantic skirts, worn with a suit or over a dress.

Aesthetics of pastels

The pastel palette is not only the undisputed trend of the 2020 season, but also the perfect way to create a spring mood in an outfit. Stylists advise creating aesthetic combinations of different pastel shades within one outfit. You can draw inspiration from these photos.

The idea for modest women is to buy a novelty in pastel colors and make a refreshing combination with white things. It turns out stylish and very spring-like.


Among the bright palette, the absolute favorite of spring 2020 is fuchsia. Conservative ladies combine the leader with white or black things, especially bold fashionistas make total bows in bright pink, and the most advanced girls combine fuchsia with other rich tones, for example, with emerald, blue or yellow.

Stuffing pants into boots

Not every spring look necessarily includes a dress or a skirt, so sooner or later any fashionista faces the question of how to combine trousers with boots. The stylists have dotted the i’s in this thread.

Skinny, leggings and cargo are now customarily combined with cowboy boots. Straight and wide trousers can be safely tucked into ankle boots and boots. The top in such a bow is usually an elongated oversized jacket.

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Loose jacket

Young girls and women over 50 are strongly advised by stylists to purchase an oversized jacket in the spring of 2020 to look stylish under any circumstances. This thing will justify itself more than once with a fashionable combination, and now we will prove it.

Such a jacket can be adapted not only for office style, but also for trendy casual. To do this, stylists advise to combine a jacket with a basic T-shirt, turtleneck, sweatshirt or hoodie.

This spring, you should definitely try the combination with jeans, a miniskirt, as well as with shoes in various styles – from romantic to sporty pairs.

In the 2020 season, it is incredibly important to focus on the waist. Moreover, if the jacket is wide enough, it is correct to combine it with a leather belt, forming a smell without fastening buttons. This trick can be applied in an image with any belt clothing.

With the advent of real warmth, such a thing will not fade into the background, but will serve faithfully in combination with shorts and bermudas. Such a tandem is one of the most fashionable combinations of the spring-summer 2020 season.

This fashionable novelty can be rhymed with loose-fitting trousers, which, if desired, can be tucked into boots. Relaxed masculine silhouettes unobtrusively emphasize your femininity and create a trendy look.

Another stylish idea is a combination of an elongated jacket with a pleated skirt or an accentuated romantic dress. Such a contrast of styles looks very expressive and stylish.

An interesting style decision will turn out if you turn an elongated loose jacket into a dress. This can be done with a leather belt or you can give the oversized cut the right to be the main highlight of the image.

[stextbox id=’info’]Stylists recommend choosing masculine-style jackets in delicate colors to soften the look and increase its femininity. For example, you can adopt the relevance of the pastel palette. Double hit in trends – drawing up a monochrome bow in this color.[/stextbox]

cheeky shoes

Stylists advise to get trendy shoes for girls whose wardrobe is dominated by the style of minimalism and plain things. In the spring of 2020, a pair of metallic shades is in trend, which effectively reflects the sun and is combined with all basic clothing. The fashionista’s choice can also fall on voluminous bright sneakers, boots with a wide top, mules, a pair with a V-neck, chains, pearls or an unusual heel. Any trendy pair will perfectly refresh the usual combinations of things.

You can add zest to a casual, evening or business look with the help of elegant sandals with long straps, which are now fashionable to wrap several times around wide or long legs.

The strength is in the details

Stylists love to transform basic looks with stylish accent details. We found out what exactly can be used in the spring 2020 season to look trendy.

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