12 main rules from luxurious women

We present you 12 main rules from luxurious women who are quite capable of radically changing your life. Of course, such a miracle will not happen from just reading our article. The image of a chic woman is hard work on yourself. Stubborn, but very pleasant and effective. Follow these 12 rules and you will succeed!


Met by clothes

Like it or not, we live in a world where first impressions are based on looks. Therefore, the verdict is simple: a luxurious woman should always look impeccable. Even at home!

Singer Alsou loves comfortable clothes that she wears at home

Madonna prefers comfortable homemade suits and pajamas

Responsibly approach the creation of a basic wardrobe of excellent quality, and you will always have something to wear. Also, have in your closet go-to dresses that fit you flawlessly. For such a responsible role, a little black dress is perfect.

The little black dress is versatile and luxurious.

We also advise you to study the psychology of color in clothes and use it in everyday looks. For example, if you need to impress a gentle young lady, dress in shades of pink. And if you want to create a sensation, bet on a red dress – it will also add confidence and inner strength to you.

The color of the outfit will help to form the right opinion

Beauty is grooming

Brigitte Bardot once said that the most difficult job is to look beautiful and well-groomed from morning to evening. It’s hard to disagree with this. But with our advice, the task of “being well-groomed” seems to be not so difficult.

Pretty Brigitte Bardot

  • The key to successful self-care is regularity. Cosmetic products will not give you the effect from the first application. Therefore, turn home care procedures into a regular pleasant ritual of self-love.

Anita Tsoi

Vera Brezhneva

Regina Todorenko

  • Purity in the image of a lady is above all. Before leaving the house, with a picky look, evaluate your reflection: overgrown roots, dirty hair, peeling varnish, untidy clothes are unambiguous taboos.
  • Find your fragrance that makes you feel good and use this perfume every time you go out.

Emma Watson and her favorite fragrance Lancome Midnight Tresor

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Note! A mistake that many women make is the mixing of cosmetic fragrances that interrupt the smell of perfume.


  • Plucked eyebrows and their proper shape can do wonders for a woman’s look.

Perfect Celebrity Eyebrows

  • To look well-groomed means to look modest and tasteful. And laconic clothes of suitable colors will help you with this.

Basic wardrobe is an essential component of the image of any real woman.

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Daily routine

Many everyday activities directly affect how you look and feel.

  • Sorry for the banality, but we can’t help but remind you of this. The basis of beauty is a quality eight-hour sleep. It will help you look fresh, rested and young.

Halle Berry puts good sleep first

  • Almost any skin and figure problems are related to the diet. Don’t forget that we are what we eat. Therefore, let only useful products be in your refrigerator. Particular attention should be paid to a hearty breakfast.

Proper nutrition is the secret of eternal youth Sandra Bullock

  • A contrast shower in the morning is a miracle procedure that instantly energizes you for the whole day. The best completion of this action is a dousing with cool water.

Kim Cattrall does not neglect the contrast shower

  • Daily make-up is an effective weapon of any luxurious woman. Choose a light and natural make-up, with it you will look fresh and neat.

Cate Blanchett prefers understated makeup

  • Forget about bad habits, if you have any.
  • Manicures, pedicures and regular haircuts are just as essential for a luxurious woman as daily brushing of teeth.

Julia Roberts has her own teeth whitening recipe

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Getting to know yourself

Knowing the type of skin, hair and figure will provide you with invaluable help in choosing cosmetics and clothes. A luxurious woman will not blindly copy someone else’s image. She is well aware of her strengths and weaknesses, and she knows how to advantageously emphasize the first and hide the second. She also knows how to create a zest and unique charm in her image. All this is possible only when a woman is on “you” with herself and her body.

The choice of clothes depending on the type of figure

If you don’t know where to start, you can go to a beautician. Just one visit, and all the information about your skin and the care it needs will be on the shelves. We assure you that buying a “cream as in advertising” without taking into account individual characteristics is a waste of money.

beautiful underwear

This is sometimes even more important than the clothes themselves. Choose comfortable and luxurious underwear for your beloved – to match your self-esteem.

Rihanna prefers simple black lingerie that goes unnoticed under any outfit.

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Good mood

Yes, yes, it is just as important as a flawless appearance. A positive woman always disposes to herself. So the only thing you have to do is be happy. Away with laziness, despondency and self-doubt!

Emilia Clarke believes that a good mood is the key to attractiveness


Good manners attract more attention than a miniskirt. If you feel that you lack knowledge of etiquette and communication skills, next time, instead of a new blouse, buy appropriate literature. Good manners are the basis of the behavior of a modern lady.

Interesting person

A luxurious woman is always more than just a beautiful figure and face. She is an interesting conversationalist, well-read and educated. Believe me, it’s never too late to work on it.

Reading books allows you to broaden your horizons and increase intelligence

Attend various events, expand your vocabulary, read educational literature and watch movies with meaning. If you are savvy in various fields, you will always be of interest to the interlocutor. And in order to win him over, look into his eyes and mirror his posture – this subconsciously inspires confidence.

Exhibitions are the perfect place to learn something new

Be yourself

In some sources, you can find advice that a chic woman should always control her emotions, be cold and tough. In fact, this is not entirely true.

Putting on a mask and following the invented role is very difficult. It is much easier to be real and not be afraid to show your feelings. A woman is only as beautiful as she is relaxed.


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