12 summer looks that will make you slim

Properly selected clothes and a well-composed image are the key to beauty and attractiveness. After all, with the help of things that seem ordinary at first glance, you can quickly correct figure flaws, emphasize dignity, and even “throw off” a few extra pounds. We offer twelve simple looks for the summer, which will make the waist narrower, legs slimmer and longer. Ready to lose weight not a few sizes? Then read on.

We make fashionable images for the summer that are slimming

1. Trendy total bow

To stretch the silhouette and make it slim, try to combine things of the same or similar shades in one image. In addition, monochrome bows are very popular and in demand among stylists today, so in such clothes you will look not only elegant, but also very fashionable. For summer, give preference to total bows in a light nude palette.

2. Beige shoes

It turns out that even shoes help visually add height and throw off a few kilograms. Everything is very simple – you need classic beige pumps with heels with a sharp, but not very long toe. Wear them under skirts, dresses, cropped straight trousers and other elements of your summer wardrobe.

A similar function is performed by beige platform sandals. Choose neat models that do not weigh down the image.

Beige shoes

3. Flared trousers

If your figure is far from the model, pay attention to flared trousers. Especially on models in which the flare starts from the knee. Wide at the bottom and fitted at the top, these trousers balance the proportions and hide problem areas, such as large hips. But there is one condition – in order to achieve the maximum slimming result, flared must be worn exclusively with high heels.

Flared trousers are slimming

4. Partially tucked in blouse

Today it is very fashionable to wear blouses tucked in, and it is not necessary to completely plug the top into the belt of trousers or skirts. To achieve a stylish look, visually lengthen the legs and hide imperfections in the waist area, it is enough to fill the blouse partially, that is, so that the back or side part remains released.

5. Dress with dark side panels

Just take a look at these photos. Sheath dress with dark inserts on the sides – real magic! This is probably the simplest and most effective solution for the visual correction of figure flaws.

6. Wrap dress

This style is not in vain in demand among stylists and is popular among fashionistas. The thing is that a wrap dress allows you to correctly place accents, paying attention to the chest and waist area, while perfectly masking the hips. The ideal option is a model in which the smell starts from the very top, and not from the hem.

7. V-neck

V-neck blouses can make your neck slimmer and longer, add a few centimeters to your height. In addition, a seductive neckline will draw the attention of others to the neckline, ignoring other parts of the body, which is very good when you want to hide large hips or a not very slender waist.

8. Long jacket

You can cover up figure flaws in summer with a light elongated jacket. Moreover, such a detail is quite popular today. Give preference to slightly fitted models up to the middle of the thighs or below. The main thing is that the jacket does not end at the widest part of the body. In this case, you can choose a model, both with sleeves and without them.

9. Don’t tie a scarf

A properly tied scarf will also help to stretch the silhouette. In fact, you don’t have to tie it. To achieve a slimming effect, you need to create a vertical line. To do this, take a light scarf, wrap it around your neck and leave at least one end to hang down. This is a very easy way to divert attention to the accessory and visually stretch the figure.

10. A-line skirt and fitted top – a successful tandem

The hourglass figure is considered the most correct. To bring the proportions of your body closer to ideal, try combining a mid-length fluffy skirt and a tight-fitting blouse in one look. Such a bottom will hide large hips, and the top will emphasize the chest and visually lengthen the neck. The main condition is to complement the image with shoes with heels, otherwise the skirt will make the legs shorter, and the desired effect will not be achieved.

11. Laconic images and simple styles

If you think that your figure is far from ideal, try choosing clothes that are simple and concise. Give preference to classic dresses and high-quality natural fabrics. You should also be careful when experimenting with silhouettes. Preference should be given to sheath dresses, straight cut and A-line models.

12. Set the accents

To achieve the Wow effect, it is not necessary to have a model figure. It is enough to skillfully place accents, drawing attention to the right places.

  • If you can be proud of your waist, highlight it with a belt or belt.
  • Do you have beautiful wrists? Choose short or 3/4 sleeves.
  • Beautiful calves and ankles open to the public with a knee-length skirt.
  • Emphasize the beauty of the chest with the help of a neckline.

Remember that clothes are a universal tool that, in skillful hands, will help create the perfect summer look on any female figure.

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