15 stars who made bad plastic surgery

Stars often resort to plastic surgery in order to quickly correct appearance defects that are difficult to hide with makeup. However, looking at the celebrity photos before and after this procedure, you can see that not all operations go smoothly, and the finished result is simply terrifying. As proof, we have given examples of stellar victims of aesthetic medicine, who probably regretted their decision to go under the surgeon’s scalpel.

Stars after plastic surgery

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Foreign celebrities

Hollywood stars were among the first to resort to plastic surgery. After all, with its help you can quickly lose weight, enlarge your breasts or buttocks, and also rejuvenate. But unfortunately, there are several representatives of the star elite who, in the pursuit of “eternal” youth, have lost themselves.

Celebrities after failed plastic surgery

  • Sydney Rome. The actress, model, singer and one of the most spectacular girls in the United States for years gathered men around her and caught enthusiastic glances. But age took its toll and Sydney was never able to come to terms with it. Repeated braces have led to the fact that Sydney Rom began to resemble a doll with a stretched face. As a result, the disfigured actress stopped appearing in public and went to live in Italy.

Sydney Rome

  • Elsa Patton. An American horror film actress and socialite who also turned into a “silicone monster” in pursuit of beauty. But despite the disfigured appearance, Elsa very often appears in public, and also participates in various reality shows.

Elsa Patton

  • Meg Ryan. The beauty from the films “Kate and Leo”, “You’ve Got Mail” and “City of Angels”, faced with the problems of age-related changes, also decided to stop them with the help of plastic surgery. But despite the fact that many do not consider Meg’s plastic surgery a failure, her lips nevertheless acquired an unnatural shape and became somewhat stretched. This led to the fact that Meg changed beyond recognition and lost her zest and personality.

Meg Ryan

  • Jocelyn Wildenstein. In the former beauty, who once faced problems in family life. Millionaire Alec Wildenstein did not see anything behind hunting and entertainment, so Jocelyn, in order to keep her husband, decided to completely “redraw” her face in order to become as similar as possible to a lioness.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

However, Alec did not appreciate the efforts of his wife and left her for the sake of a 21-year-old mistress. But Jocelyn’s face has changed beyond recognition, and not for the better, and has become a kind of “accomplice of a plastic surgeon.” However, such a piquant and outstanding appearance does not prevent Jocelyn from being in relationships with men much younger than herself.

“The Lioness Woman” Jocelyn Wildenstein

  • Donatella Versace. The owner of a “fashion empire” who decided to radically change her appearance. Several facelifts and implants did not help to preserve youth and beauty, and turned the former luxurious woman into a kind of “silicone statue”.

Donatella Versace

  • Kim Basinger. A spectacular woman who, despite her 64-year-old age, looks very young and fresh. Thanks to her appearance, she still remains a sought-after actress and still starred in erotic films. However, numerous braces and Botox did not go unnoticed. Although not a single wrinkle is visible on Kim’s face, her facial expressions are still broken, which can be seen in one of her last roles in the movie “50 Shades Darker”.

Kim Basinger

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Interesting! In addition to facelifts, Kim Basinger changed the shape of her nose and lips in her youth, which made her simply unrecognizable and brought considerable popularity in cinematography.



  • Michaela Romanini. A socialite who gained worldwide fame thanks to her disfigured appearance. In the beginning, she simply corrected minor flaws and achieved quite acceptable results. But unfortunately, Michaela became simply addicted to operations and went under the surgeon’s knife countless times. The result is a terrifying face that can no longer be corrected.

Michaela Romanini

  • Tara Reid. This is the youngest celebrity, which is already considered a victim of plastic surgery. Despite the fact that Tara is not yet 40, she is already working to preserve her youth with Botox and numerous facelifts.

Tara Reid after plastic surgery

The result was not long in coming. Tara has changed beyond recognition, which led to the need to quit cinematography and start leading a solitary lifestyle.

Tara Reid after tummy tuck

  • Vicki Beckham. After the first birth, Victoria’s breasts sagged pretty much, so the young mother decided to restore her former shape with the help of surgery. And everything would be fine, but on the thin forms of the former Spice Girls member, overly large implants look somewhat disproportionate and ridiculous.

Victoria Beckham before and after breast surgery

  • Pamela Anderson. Photos provided by foreign paparazzi, in which young Pamela as CJ from Baywatch simply won the hearts of Russian men. But unfortunately, not everyone knew that even then Pem used the services of surgeons. Disproportionately large breasts and bulging lips became the highlight of Pamela, which grew into a problem that caused discomfort.

Pamela Anderson before and after plastic surgery

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Domestic silicone fans

Today, Russian celebrities are not inferior to Hollywood stars in their aspirations and also often resort to plastic surgery, which is proved by various photos depicting faces before and after these procedures. As a result, some achieve phenomenal results, while others try to mask unsuccessful changes. These are the Russian “icons” of silicone fashion, which are listed below.

Russian stars before and after plastic surgery

  • Alexa. A graduate of the “Star Factory” and a former companion of Timati for the past 10 years, she has not been able to decide on her “ideal” lip shape.

Alexa before and after plastic surgery

The young girl was so carried away by operations to increase them that as a result she got excessively large and shapeless lips.


  • Masha Malinovskaya. Another fan of all kinds of experiments with lips. Masha did so many enlargement operations on them that in the end they simply stopped closing. In the end, Malinovka still had to stop her tortures over her appearance and slightly reduce her lips in volume.

Masha Malinovskaya

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Interesting! Masha Malinovskaya also became the owner of breasts of different sizes after a failed operation to increase them.


Masha Malinovskaya…

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