15 Ways to Wear a Turtleneck in Style

A turtleneck is an essential attribute of the autumn-winter wardrobe, so now is the time to think about what to wear in order to create a stylish and original look. In fact, this seemingly rustic thing may pleasantly surprise you, because with the right approach, it is allowed to wear it not only in a store or office, but also for more solemn events.


What are turtlenecks?

  • fabric, texture. First of all, turtlenecks are distinguished by what material they are made of. So, for example, for severe winter colds, they are made from dense knitwear, and for autumn and spring from lighter fabrics.

Often you can find summer options from guipure or lace. A special fashion trend has recently become a combination, when a turtleneck is sewn from two types of fabrics at once. For example, the chest and back are made of knitwear, and the sleeves are made of leather. In winter, knitted wardrobe items are especially popular.

  • Color. For obvious reasons, plain, muted turtlenecks are the most sought after. After all, they are very easy to fit into any image. For example, a classic black turtleneck will look great with jeans, a skirt, under a jacket, with overalls, with any jackets and coats.

Creating an evening bow with it is also elementary. To do this, just decorate the turtleneck with an original brooch, or hang a pendant around your neck.

  • Length. Everything is simple here. Any classic turtleneck will have a mid-thigh length. But, for bold and stylish girls with perfect abs and a thin waist, designers have come up with shortened models that barely cover the stomach. From the side, such a turtleneck resembles a crop top, only with a neck and long sleeves.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Such a demand for a turtleneck is due to the fact that it is suitable for absolutely all women, regardless of height, build, age and occupation. It is very easy to choose a model of this clothes for your lifestyle.[/stextbox]

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10 stylish looks with a turtleneck

Now let’s get to the question: what to wear with a turtleneck to create a stylish and unique look. In addition, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the photos that will clearly demonstrate the beauty of this or that bow.

Mid-length skirt

For all fans of a strict office style, the combination of a turtleneck and a midi skirt will not be a revelation. And yet from year to year this decision does not lose its relevance. Any skirt – plain, knitted, leather, corrugated, satin – will go well with a turtleneck with a high neck.

Moreover, in winter it can be a dense model, this will not make the image less feminine. As for shoes, heels or flat shoes will be quite appropriate here.

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A turtleneck with jeans is also a classic of modern fashion, which is relevant for autumn and spring. Any of the turtleneck models will look good with skinny, flared and any other jeans. The most popular color combination is black and blue.

But, if such an ensemble seems too boring to you, then be sure to look at burgundy, dark blue or dark green turtlenecks. And the pastel-colored top will go well with black jeans.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! If you are going to wear a fitted turtleneck, then try to combine it with some unusual bottoms. It can be an original style of trousers or an asymmetrical skirt. Do not neglect flashy accessories. All this will help you to be on top. [/stextbox]

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Mini skirt

But to combine a turtleneck with a mini skirt is a trend of retro fashion, which in 2018 returned to the top of popularity again. Bow: a fitted knitted turtleneck, a mid-thigh flared skirt and shoes to match the mood – this is the “recipe” for a bold look for every girl.

Wide pants

In autumn, you can and even need to wear a turtleneck complete with wide trousers or flared trousers. Yes, in the latter case, you will look like a model from the 70s, but believe me, this is incredibly fashionable now. The only thing, when creating such an image, remember one rule: a loose cut of the bottom should be combined only with a tight top.

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In other words, no oversized turtlenecks with wide and flared trousers are allowed. And of course, shoes should be wedges or high heels so that the fabric of the pants does not touch the ground.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! For girls with imperfect shapes, it is better to choose a turtleneck with a looser cut and made of dense material so that it does not emphasize unnecessary folds. [/stextbox]


Wearing a turtleneck under a sundress and looking fashionable are synonymous words. Such an image will be especially relevant on a cool summer day, when a fashionista needs to hide from the wind. But, not every style of sundress will be combined with a turtleneck.

Only models in a business style and made of dense fabrics such as velvet, wool or tweed will look appropriate here. And so that the bow as a whole does not seem weighted, try to choose a turtleneck in a lighter shade, for example, white.

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Pipe trousers are the trend of this season, which will become even more popular in 2019. Modern girls have perfectly learned to combine them with almost any top, including turtlenecks. Moreover, the colors are not always conservative here.

And as outerwear, you can wear a leather jacket if you want to prove yourself a rebel, or a straight-cut cardigan if you are in a hurry for a business meeting. Almost everything will fit.

Maxi skirt

Want to look slimmer? Then be sure to try on the image: a tight-fitting turtleneck and a floor-length skirt. Moreover, the top can be worn both loose and tucked in. And choose the colors based on your preferences and circumstances.

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[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Underwear under a turtleneck must also be chosen correctly. So, the bra should not have voluminous lace elements and extra decor. It is better to give preference to neat, not too open and restrained models without embossed surfaces..[/stextbox]

Rules for choosing a turtleneck bra


Women love to wear turtlenecks and dresses. Moreover, here everything is as simple as with a sundress. Choose some light dress with thin spaghetti straps or no sleeves at all and wear your favorite turtleneck under it. Moreover, in some cases it is allowed to pull it over the dress, especially if it is in linen style. However, the turtleneck in …

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