20 best office manicure ideas!

Office manicure is not just a transparent coating on the nails, but a whole extravaganza of fashionable designs that meet the current trends of 2019, examples of which are shown in the photo in various fashion sources. Therefore, we suggest you forget about the monotonous and nondescript coating in favor of more original options, which we will tell you about in our article.

Bright manicure for the office

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Trendy Office Manicure Ideas

Today, the requirements for office style, including manicure design, are quite strict. In addition to the fact that the nail plate should be short and have an almond-shaped or square shape with soft contours, the color scheme should also not be overly catchy.

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But even despite such restrictions, nail art masters still offered modern business women a lot of original design ideas for a stylish office manicure.

Well-groomed hands in the workplace

No. 1 Classic French

This is a basic design that is ideal as a finishing touch to create a business look. In addition to the well-established classics, it can also be slightly diversified and made more interesting. For example, change the shape of the “smile” or decorate with translucent rhinestones.

Manicure for an office lady

[stextbox id=’info’]Today, a classic jacket is in fashion, in which the “smile” line continues and outlines the boundaries of the nail plate.[/stextbox]

No. 2 Nude

The nude palette itself is quite light, so it is quite acceptable for the office, especially with strict dress code rules.

Nude manicure

In this case, your attention should be paid to such tones:

  • Lactic;
  • Caramel;
  • Beige;
  • Light gray;
  • Pale pink;
  • Light brown.


No. 3 Pastel

The pastel color palette is in trend today more than ever, so it is perfect for maintaining a strict office style. Often, masters use the following shades:

  • violet;
  • Pale blue;
  • Light pink;
  • Lavender.

Pastel manicure for the office

No. 4 Floral

Delicate drawings of flowers also do not interfere with the design of office manicure. The main thing is that they should not be too catchy and voluminous. A delicate lavender bouquet, buds of daisies or violets will emphasize the femininity and tenderness of the hands, and at the same time I will not be too conspicuous.

Stylish flower manicure

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No. 5 Matte

The velvety matte finish today has taken the top of the 2019 fashion trends in the nail art segment, so it is also widely used to create office manicures, examples of which can be viewed in the photo in our selection. Thanks to the matte top, the result is a very unusual design with a cashmere texture.

Velvet matte manicure for the office

#6 Negative Space

An original manicure, the essence of which is that a certain area of ​​the nail remains unpainted, thereby complementing the overall design. As for colors, pink, blue, white and light lilac will look most appropriate.

Negative Space – a stylish office option

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#7 Geometry

Geometric motifs are a trend in nail design today, which can also be applied in office style. A variety of dots, stripes, triangles and squares will complement the manicure and make it more original.

Very stylish and original geometry

No. 8 Solid color

The basic version of a monochromatic design is a pale pink varnish, which is often used as a substrate in a jacket. However, in this case, you can experiment with deeper tones. Pink, white, gray and beige colors in a highly pigmented finish will make even the simplest monochrome design more effective.

Stylish monochrome manicure

#9 Lunar

One of the most versatile options that allows you to translate all your ideas into creating a trendy office manicure. Therefore, in addition to a monochromatic design in which the hole remains unpainted, you can also experiment with accessories and patterns.

Lunar jacket – the perfect solution for the office

[stextbox id=’info’]The moon design can be worn much longer, as the unpainted area simply will not be evident as the nail grows. It is only necessary to extend the boundaries of the hole.[/stextbox]

№10 Color blocking

This is an original and fashionable design, which, if desired, can also be used in office manicure. The main thing is to choose the right color palette. It should not be too catchy and bright. It is better to turn your attention to light colors that harmoniously fit into the overall style.

Color blocking restrained tones

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№11 With rhinestones

Not one manicure can do without them this year, including office ones. In the business style of such decor, there should be a minimum amount. The best option is 2-3 pebbles laid out near the cuticle.

Manicure with rhinestones for the office

#12 Ombre

Gradient manicure today is at the top of fashion trends, so it is natural that its masters use it in a business style. With this decor, you can completely decorate the nail plate, or partially in the form of a wide vertical strip, which is now very important.

Exquisite ombre manicure

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#13 Minimalism

The trend of this season, which seems to have been created for office style. It is based on a discreet beige or pale pink substrate, on top of which various patterns, twigs and ornaments are applied in thin lines and in a minimal amount.


№14 Mother-of-pearl

Very simple, but no less spectacular manicure. Thanks to the translucent varnish applied in one layer with mother-of-pearl powder, the result is a beautiful shimmering finish.

Mother-of-pearl ombre

№15 Marble

A design that imitates the surface of natural stone is also widely used for office manicure. It is best combined with a light monochromatic coating or jacket, but it is better to refuse catchy tones.

Marble manicure

№16 Knitted

Patterns imitating knitting are today the trend of the autumn-winter season 2019-2019, which is also valid for going to work. In this case, the modeling should not be too voluminous. As for the base, it should not stand out either. It is better to use light and discreet tones, such as milky, pale pink or light blue.

Beautiful knitted manicure

№17 Stamping

A very original idea for creating an elegant design in minutes, which can be done even at home. It is based on a plate with patterns, on which varnish is applied, and with the help of a special stamp, the finished ornament is transferred directly to the nail itself.


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