3 Ways to Look Slimmer Regardless of Your Body Shape

Article author: Stylist Sorokina Anastasia

Many girls strive to look slimmer, at least with the help of clothes. There are several ways to visually stretch yourself and mask the nuances of the figure.

Top 3 ways to look slimmer

monochrome image

To achieve harmony, it is enough to choose an image in one color scheme. So you visually stretch the silhouette and look slimmer. So that the image does not seem boring, play on the contrast of textures. It can be a combination of leather with knitwear or with a light translucent fabric. We also add accessories to attract attention. And believe me, such a decision will not go unnoticed.


A good trick to hide some of the nuances of your figure. Layering is achieved by putting on several layers of clothing. For example, you can wear not just a jacket and a shirt, but add a vest under the jacket, so the image will look unusual and interesting. Also, the upper layer wide open will visually draw a vertical and the human eye will perceive that narrow part of the lower layer that is visible from under the upper one. When composing multi-layered images, it is better to choose jewelry that is more concise and simple so as not to overload the image as a whole.

Revealing the thinnest parts

This is a very simple way, but so meaningful and suitable for any type of figure to facilitate the image as a whole.

We roll up the sleeves of jackets, shirts, sweaters and expose the ankles, tucking trousers and jeans. So we show the thinnest parts of our figure and visually look slimmer.

V – shaped neckline, shows the neckline and draws a vertical, facilitating the figure. So the human eye focuses on the thin parts and perceives the whole image as lighter and more slender.

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Author: Stylist Anastasia Sorokina @stylist.sorokina

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