5 accessories to make you look younger

Every woman wants to look younger. To do this, we buy all kinds of masks, creams. But what if I told you that you can look younger with the help of accessories? Let’s figure it out.

Silk scarf

Bright silk scarves emphasize freshness and youth or add extra pounds, emphasize wrinkles. They are worn with a dress, a coat, even a simple white T-shirt. They will add zest to a boring office suit.

You need to choose a scarf in accordance with the color type of the skin. There are four color types of appearance: spring, summer, autumn, winter. The first two are characterized by warm shades, and for summer and winter – cold.

Glasses in the original frame

Such glasses are considered a fashion trend. The frame they have an unusual shape: square, triangular, asymmetric. The right glasses will make you look younger. They will hide bags under the eyes and bruises, emphasize the cheekbones and facial contours.

When choosing a frame, do not forget:

  • the eyes are in the middle of the lenses;
  • glasses do not hang and do not put pressure on the bridge of the nose;
  • glasses are larger than the oval of the face so that it does not seem full.

Golden rule: the older you are, the easier it is to buy frames for yourself.

Fancy bags

This is also a fashion trend that came from France. In the 1930s, Elsa Schiaparelli, the pioneer of surrealism in fashion, created bags in the form of balloons and unusual figures.

Now such bags are not only a fashion trend, but also an opportunity to emphasize individuality. They attract attention, bring a touch of creativity, but are not always functional. Here, designers give free rein to their imagination and create interesting accessories: in the form of animals, hearts, watches, bags, bags with newspaper prints.

Another interesting option is transparent bags. It has many advantages: it is resistant to moisture, scratches and scuffs are practically not visible on the bag, and when dirty, it is easily wiped with water.

If you do not want others to see the contents of the bag, then put things in a regular bag, and put it in a transparent one. So you will be in a double trend.

Here are some tips on how to choose a handbag:

  • for an office suit, a rectangular bag is more suitable;
  • for a summer dress, it is better to choose a bag on a chain or a bag in the form of a heart, a flower;
  • full girls need to buy big clutches. They are worn at hip level. This will divert attention from the problem area, make the figure more harmonious;
  • a small clutch is better to choose slender girls. High growth is corrected if you keep the clutch at chest level. Girls with small stature pull out the figure with a shoulder bag with a chain handle.


We advise women from massive jewelry to choose earrings in the form of rings and earrings made of wood. These models make the face look fresh and young. Earrings with rhinestones increase age.

Classic pearl stud earrings and small silver earrings remain in fashion. They draw attention away from wrinkles. Avoid cheap glitter rhinestones. For special occasions, wear large earrings, but without massive necklaces.

Choose earrings with stones to match the iris, as they refresh the face. The delicate flickering of crystals will smooth out the impression of fatigue.


First, decide on a color. The right color will make you younger, highlight the beauty of the face, emphasize the skin tone. A pastel-colored hat is not suitable for adult women. Green and red colors do not suit pale skin. Black, dark blue, brown colors suit most, because the face becomes more expressive.

Also keep in mind the shape of the face. For an elongated face, a hat with soft edges is chosen, for a round face – with wide brim. But for a heart-shaped and oval face, any kind of hats will do.

The right accessories will help you look younger. Most importantly, listen to yourself, follow your sense of style. After all, not all advice is right for you. It all depends on the thing, on the ability to beat it and on the person who puts it on.

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