5 beauty anti-trends of 2020

Although makeup fashion changes more slowly than clothing trends, the focus on naturalness and environmental friendliness has long supplanted the bright make-up and many of the options that became popular thanks to Instagram. We figure out which five elements of a casual look are best left to runway looks and bloggers, as well as how to replace them in everyday life.

Beauty anti-trend

Excessive contouring, baking and strobing

When applying a tonal foundation, the face may lack volume. In this case, sculpting comes to the rescue, with which you can emphasize the merits or, conversely, correct them. The problem with this technique is that a lot of highlighter looks appropriate in the spotlight. In daylight, it will look at least strange, especially if there are imperfections on the skin that such makeup will only emphasize. Bronzed cheekbones are good for evening make-up, but it’s easy to go overboard with this product. Therefore, you should be careful with this option.

Excessive contouring

Not using blush

Many girls do not apply blush because they are afraid to look ridiculous. At the same time, this product gives freshness and natural appeal. Women with fair skin should choose universal pink or peach shades, and tanned ladies should experiment, for example, with plum blush. Also, a small amount of the product can be applied to the upper part of the face.


The ombre lip technique was popular a few seasons ago. It was believed that it allows you to add volume to the lips, although such makeup often looks unnatural, especially if the contour is made with a pencil a tone darker than the main color. But the effect of “kissed lips” recognized in Korea is very easy to do with a tint or lipstick in a bright color. The product is applied with patting movements of the fingers, because fuzzy shading and soft lines are now popular.

Ombre lips

Dense tone

A tonal foundation noticeable on the face is not even an anti-trend, but a banal negligence when choosing or applying. In order to be sure that the excess cream will not be visible on the skin, it is better to use a teardrop-shaped or oval-shaped sponge instead of a brush. BB and CC creams help to achieve a natural effect, but it is better to mask imperfections on the skin with a concealer a tone or two lighter than the base. The powder should also be carefully blended and used in small amounts on those areas that need to be fixed for durability.

red shadows

In eye makeup, as in the image as a whole, warm tones are popular. However, red shadows can give a tired look. Instead, you can use universal brown or golden shades. Glitter is also in fashion, which is more convenient to apply with your fingers.

red shadows

The list of anti-trends 2020 is quite large, so it is important to focus not only on fashion, but also on individual characteristics. The main thing is to remember that makeup only emphasizes natural beauty, and is not an obligatory attribute of it.

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