5 casual style rules for women 50+

Modern fashion is diverse and interesting, but its focus on the young and slender is known. What should women over 50 do who also want to look attractive and relevant? For them, casual style is a smart choice. This is versatility, a mix of classics and modern, stylish things. The main thing is to take into account the nuances for adulthood.

Restrained color scheme

Ladies of mature age are advised to avoid bright and colorful things, and choose muted pastel colors. Suitable shades will make the skin visually fresher.

This is a sandy milky, pale blue, beige, dusty rose. White color is refreshing, but you should not make a set of only this color. It is better to dilute with gray, chocolate or coral.

Noble bright shades of marsala, emerald, ultramarine, mustard can be in the wardrobe, but they need to be added sparingly. The main rule in choosing a color scheme is to focus on the color type of appearance. A fashionable total look (things in the same color scheme) also needs to be chosen carefully. More often, this image is suitable for women with medium and high contrast appearance.

Quality materials

Even a fashionable thing will look cheap if it is made of low-quality materials. It is better to refuse synthetics with glitter or lurex, cheap costume fabrics and iridescent satin. They rarely adorn anyone, and certainly not a lady over 50. The right choice is linen, cashmere, fine wool, tight knitwear, tweed, denim, matte leather. Thanks to natural materials, the image will be well-groomed and expensive.

Compliance with age and fashion

Often, women of mature age, in an effort to look younger, use frankly youth fashion trends in their image. This is fundamentally wrong. Things that adorn a young girl look vulgar and out of place on a lady over 50.

Retro style is also dangerous. Fashion is cyclical, but it changes quickly, and a ten-year-old thing on a mature woman often looks like second-hand.

The cut of things is better to choose a little loose even with a good figure. No fashionable oversized and overly tight models.

Bet on the classics

Fashion experts advise ladies over 50 to assemble a basic wardrobe, focusing on the classic style. What is included in the basic capsule of a mature fashionista?

  1. Dress. It is better to choose a sheath dress, a shirt dress, a wrap dress, a knitted dress.

  1. Skirt. Skirts can be different, but it is better to choose models of medium length according to the figure with a minimalist design. It is advisable to avoid ruffles, flounces, bright prints and numerous details.

  1. Costume. Preference should be given to a trouser suit with trousers according to the type of figure and an elongated fitted jacket.

  1. Jeans. A model of a straight or flared from the hip cut in a calm classic color is always appropriate. It is worth being away from models with scuffs and embroidery.

  1. Shirt. Several are better. A win-win option is a white cotton shirt with a straight or fitted cut. You can make dozens of combinations with it. A denim shirt is appropriate for informal situations.

  1. Blouse. Ladies of mature age should abandon transparent models in favor of blouses made of silk or thin viscose. These materials look expensive, and things from them will serve faithfully for more than one season.

  1. Jumper. Solid color cashmere v-neck jumper is always appropriate and provides the opportunity for numerous combinations.

  1. Trench coat in beige color with a classic cut is one of those things that do not lose their relevance and will easily fit into any look.

Comfortable stylish shoes and quality accessories

You don’t have to give up high heels after 50. Modern shoes imply a mix of style and comfort, which is suitable for ladies of this age category. Here, classic pumps with a small stiletto heel, sandals with a low steady heel, ankle boots for cool weather, fashionable slip-ons and oxfords will be appropriate.

Rules related to clothing apply to shoes as well. No too shiny models, bright decor on shoes, laces and numerous straps. Beige pumps, white sneakers and black laconic ankle boots are appropriate and relevant at any age.

If a woman is 50, this does not mean that a boring suit, dress and pumps is now the only choice for her. Accessories begin to play an important role in the image, making it fresh and bright.

It is worth picking up an interesting bag, a scarf made of accent silk, discreet, but stylish and high-quality jewelry – and classic jeans, a shirt and a jumper will sparkle with new colors and make their owner irresistible and feminine.

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