5 common mistakes when choosing a swimsuit

The closeness of the beach season, a long-awaited vacation by the sea or even an entry to the pool – all these events make you reconsider your wardrobe, choosing a new swimsuit. But how do you find the best one? You can easily read in women’s magazines about how to choose a stylish model that will emphasize your dignity! But no less useful is the knowledge of what mistakes are most often made when choosing a swimsuit.


Bright color

Juicy shades “highlight” many imperfections of the body, first of all, the lack of tan, stretch marks, age spots, and the vascular network. And when something like this is present, you need to make a choice. If a woman is a supporter of body positivity, you can choose any swimsuit. But with a tendency to self-criticism, it is better to give preference to pastel and muted tones.

bright swimsuit

Unsupported bodice for full bust

Even if it seems that the shape of this part of the body is just a model, in a swimsuit this is very likely to change. The fact is that with a bodice without straps, underwire or liners, one of two unpleasant situations arises – it tightly squeezes the chest or can fall off it at any moment. Therefore, with a breast size of 3 or more, support is indispensable.

beautiful swimsuit

Whether to trust advertising

If a woman is already familiar with the size range of a swimwear manufacturer, then theoretically she can risk buying his new product even without trying it on, because it will definitely fit in size! But if we are talking about woven swimsuits that have been in the TOP of beach fashion trends for more than a year, this can be a mistake. The fact is that on model girls they sit flawlessly due to well-taken poses. Whereas in dynamics – when swimming and walking – thin strips of fabric, picturesquely going from the bodice to the panties, or only along the top, bottom, can bulge in all directions. Therefore, it is always necessary to try on.

fashion swimsuit


Naturally, during the fitting it is unacceptable to water the swimsuit with water. But if you do not think about the quality of matter, then one day, leaving the water, there is a chance to find that a miniature outfit has become piquantly transparent under the influence of moisture. And that can be terribly embarrassing. Under the fabric of the swimsuit, you should put paper with black text or a pattern and take a closer look – if black and white shines through, then you definitely should not take it.

see through swimsuit

Size smaller than usual

Slightly tight jeans, tight-fitting pencil skirts and sheath dresses can be worn, and they can even improve the figure if they are distinguished by a specific slimming cut and elastic materials. But if you choose a swimsuit of a reduced size, it will mercilessly catch the eye of others, and it will also cause discomfort, crashing into the body with edges and straps. Therefore, accuracy when choosing a jewelry is needed.

swimsuit size

In conclusion, the topic should be added: when choosing a swimsuit, you cannot blindly follow fashion, and if it seems that the vaunted trend does not fit, does not suit your personal style, it is better to prefer another model, albeit the simplest, but suitable for personal impression.

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