5 factors that indicate the exclusivity of watches

Determining the current time is just one of the main functions of a watch. In modern life, practical products are more often used as an indicator of the status of the owner, rather than a second-by-second calculation. Successful businessmen, powers that be, social divas, politicians and show business stars who set a good tone in the selection of prestigious accessories choose exclusive watches for themselves partly because of their desire to be different from others.

Many popular brands, along with mass models, also produce limited editions, and also make their products to order. Those who value individuality in the image, and the cost does not matter, will have to buy an exclusive watch so as not to accidentally meet a person with an identical accessory on their wrist at a social event.

5 factors by which you can determine the exclusivity of a watch:

  • High price.

Exclusive luxury cannot be cheap. Limited-edition wristwatches, released on a specific date, crafted from unique pieces, or featuring masterpiece designs, typically have a price tag well in excess of several tens of thousands of dollars. Only the elite can afford to purchase original, unique watches from famous brands.

  • Amazing, unique look.

Each of the models of exclusive wrist accessories is truly a work of art. Original design solutions, sophisticated interweaving of colors, graceful transitions of tones or deliberate rudeness, massiveness, brutality undoubtedly attract buyers who do not follow fashion trends. On the contrary, the exclusivity of watches reveals the originality of the individual, subtly pointing to her impeccable taste and positive aspects of character.

  • Inlaid with precious stones.

The cases, dials and bracelets of these unique pieces are often intricately adorned with jewels, thus lending a touch of jewelery to practical instruments. The main advantages of designing exclusive watches for the elite are cases made of various types of gold and an unimaginable design of dials with a scattering of stones. Rubies, cubic zirconias, emeralds are increasingly used for men’s watches, and in women’s models it is impossible to imagine without diamonds.

  • Unique mechanism.

Wristwatches, which are in the rank of exclusive, are necessarily equipped with a mechanical heart in a non-trivial assembly. That is, limited editions have technically innovative mechanisms and various functional novelties. Design refinements and manual assembly are the main differences between exclusive models and ordinary watches.

  • Symbiosis of comfort and practicality.

A person who is ready to shell out a tidy sum for a watch must certainly be sure that, in addition to a magnificent appearance, he buys a device that is comfortable enough to wear. In exclusive models, absolutely all details of the case fit perfectly, and the strap fits snugly on the wrist. In addition, the functionality of the product is also thought out to the smallest detail, so that the owner of a prestigious accessory would never have the thought of wasting money.

Absolutely all exclusive watches are a creative approach and a fresh look at centuries-old traditions. The most complex mechanisms, the highest precision, individual design, the use of new materials in manufacturing, the introduction of innovations, manual assembly, intricate functionality, thoughtfulness in detail, comfort in wearing and, most importantly, individuality – this is what attracts in limited-edition products created for true connoisseurs of watchmaking. skill.

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