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5 fashion items 2020 to breathe life into your old summer wardrobe

With the onset of summer, you want to update your wardrobe, add a few fashionable accents to your image. You can stand out from the background of others and boast of excellent taste without a total change in your summer wardrobe. It is enough to purchase a few relevant new products and dilute boring images with them.

Fashion Items

original bag

This year, fashion designers have offered unexpected bag designs. Vintage bags of various shapes and colors, small clutches flaunted on the catwalks and shows. This summer, the fancier the shape of the handbag, the better.

Such an accessory will dilute the most boring everyday bow. You can choose a baggy handbag or a miniature, bucket bag. This year, designers provide a variety of fashionable novelties for every taste.

fashion bag

bucket bag

Square toe shoes

From the 90s of the last century, shoes with a square or rectangular toe returned. Designers suggest forgetting about the usual sharp and round toe this summer. Such an ultra-fashionable pair of shoes will decorate the wardrobe of every woman, adding zest to the image. If you choose bright sandals, then the bow will look stylish and relevant. It is not necessary to choose leather shoes: velor and velvet are in trend in 2020.

square toe sandals

Square toe shoes

tropical print

When choosing a new part of your summer wardrobe, you should pay attention to the colors of the wild. The tropical print has come into fashion to replace the leopard print, which has lost ground this year. The only thing that will save him is the compromise that the designers found. The leopard is relevant only in conjunction with the tropics.

tropical print

printed clothes


Very relevant this summer shorts in their various manifestations. The only condition is a high waist. These shorts are back from the 90s, delighting modern fashionistas. Designers offer models for a formal suit, denim shorts. You can also choose shorts made of leatherette, which is no less relevant this year.

You can combine them with anything, be it a classic jacket or an alcoholic T-shirt. The main thing is to choose the right model and texture of the fabric. Having diluted the image with only this thing, the woman will be dressed in accordance with fashion trends.


summer shorts

voluminous sleeves

Wide sleeves are another must-have element of the summer season 2020. Designers offered in winter sweaters and sweatshirts with voluminous sleeves, with a lowered shoulder line. Now famous fashion houses have demonstrated a summer version at the shows.

With voluminous sleeves, you can choose a blouse or shirt made of thick fabric, which can be combined with both classic and casual clothes. A light chiffon dress with puffed sleeves will look no less stylish.

puffed sleeves

voluminous sleeves

So, you can be fashionable and stylish without even changing your wardrobe beyond recognition. Actual novelties from fashion shows will add freshness to the images and give confidence. The main thing is not to get carried away with fashion trends, guided by a sense of taste.

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