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5 fashion taboos for curvaceous women

Trying to stay at the peak of fashion, women sometimes forget about the peculiarities of their appearance, mistakenly believing that a stylish outfit will look good in any situation. Because of this, unsuccessful bows are obtained.

Wrong outfit

A lot of mistakes are made by curvaceous women. A well-known secret of the fashion world is that with the help of clothes you can hide the imperfections of the figure. However, an illiterate selection of attire, on the contrary, will emphasize what should be hidden.

Tight clothes

The main prohibition for obese women is clothes that fit the body. Some girls prefer to buy outfits one size smaller. A beautiful thing becomes an incentive to lose weight. But until the extra pounds have left the body, in this guise the lady will look ridiculous.

A tight top and tight jeans with excess fat look not stylish, but awkward. A tight-fitting dress will gather all the problem areas in a pile, and the woman will look like a caterpillar in silhouette. And leggings and leggings are the most undesirable clothes that a girl with appetizing legs can choose.

Tight clothes

Advice. It is not recommended to buy clothes one size smaller. In style, looser outfits are suitable, for example, light flying trousers or sheath dresses. A belt at the waist will help to visually reduce the proportions.

Horizontal striped clothing

Stripes are a trend that will never go out of style. Striped black and white jackets and dresses made of thin striped fabric look stylish.

Trying to transform and follow fashion, women run to the store for a new thing. But with a full figure, striped bows must be treated with caution. If the body is far from ideal, it is categorically unacceptable to wear horizontal stripes. It will visually make the complete set even more voluminous. And add a few completely unnecessary kilograms.

Horizontal striped clothing

Advice. For overweight women, only a vertical strip is suitable. It is desirable that it be thin. A white dress with black vertical stripes on the sides of the silhouette looks advantageous. Such an outfit stretches the figure.

Wrong prints on clothes

If excess weight prevails, you need to carefully choose an image with prints. A pattern on clothes may not complement a stylish bow, but spoil it.

On a full figure, small flowers, large circles and ornate ornaments will not be relevant. In addition to the visual addition of kilograms, such an image will look old-fashioned.

Prints on clothes

Advice. If you are tired of plain fabric, women in the body are advised to choose an outfit in a cage. Such a print is at the peak of fashion, and will also look beautiful and delicate on an imperfect figure.

Inharmonious color palette

Even if the style of clothing is chosen correctly, incorrectly selected colors can spoil the image. Women who are not indifferent to bright colors in clothes should be able to correctly select them. Too flashy, acid colors are prohibited! A bright pink outfit a la piglet will look comical on a full woman.

Clothing color

Advice. Colors should have a muted tone. For example, lovers of blue need to choose a delicate shade, not a juicy turquoise.

Too revealing clothes

Every woman is a coquette and a seductress. But it is important to be able to maintain a balance so that the image does not turn out to be vulgar.

Mini length on overweight women is bad manners. Short skirts, shorts or dresses to the maximum will open legs that are not slender. Even high-heeled shoes will not save such a bow. Transparent clothes are not suitable either. On women of dense complexion, the body visible through the clothes looks vulgar.

Another nuance is the neckline. The highlight of plus size women is a magnificent bust. But you shouldn’t show it too frankly. An overly deep neckline in the neckline is an inappropriate choice for girls with voluminous shapes.

Too revealing clothes

Advice. You can emphasize attractiveness not with revealing outfits, but with stylish clothes, suitable accessories and a radiant smile. If you want a feminine look, preference should be given to the length not mini, but midi.

Women with luxurious volumes need to take into account all the requirements of fashion according to the individual characteristics of the figure. You should not try to become stylish with the help of trendy, but inappropriate things. Too short, tight and open clothes from an appetizing lady can make an object for ridicule.

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