5 fashionable clothing styles in the USSR that are still good

The fashion of the Soviet Union has always been the personification of audacity and courage. In the images of people mixed from 6 different shades, the make-up was bright and eye-catching. At that time, absolutely no one was surprised at such a riot of colors, because everyone wore what they wanted. However, most of the things that were a trend in the USSR are now ready to take their place in the wardrobe of every person.

Trousers are one of the main items of clothing for both Soviet and modern people.

In the early 60s, women’s trousers were not accepted in high society, a woman could not be allowed to wear them to a restaurant. But Soviet girls were not ready to part with such a comfortable piece of clothing, so trousers eventually began to fill up wardrobes.

In the USSR, trousers did not differ in the presence of many different models. No one would wear skinny because of the inconvenience and emphasizing the imperfections of the figure. The Soviet man chose wide jeans with a high waist – trousers that have recently burst into fashion again.

In stores, you can now see bell-bottoms, but greatly changed by modern trends and directions. These trousers are worn with various shirts and sweaters. The mass purchase of this model was influenced by the musical group Little Big, which released a video for the song Uno.

Denim will never go out of style

Jeans are a wardrobe essential. They have dozens of models. People owe their appearance as a mass item of clothing to the Festival of Youth and Students, held in 1957.

Recently, the denim skirt has become popular. Short skirts with buttons or fly or long skirts with large pockets and voluminous belts are also worn by modern women of fashion.

Denim jackets with various patches, pockets and other accessories also came from the USSR. They complement the image, despite the age of the person and his status in society.

Jackets – a novelty of the 90s

Jackets were considered an exclusively masculine piece of clothing, but thanks to Coco Chanel, women’s styles also spread in the 50s. Women’s jackets were perceived with hostility, but since the Soviet era, they have been at the top of fashion. They are presented both in classic design and in bright colors. Again, 2 rows of buttons on outerwear, belts and other accessories are popular. Hangers have also taken their place in modern trends, helping to emphasize the silhouette and the correctness of the forms.

Dresses of the Soviet fashionista at the peak of popularity

Soviet beauties sewed and bought various styles of dresses for themselves, and not one of them remained on old photographs and dusty pages. On the streets there are also girls in bell-shaped skirts and trapeze dresses. Shirt dresses have flooded all stores and are in great demand.

Dresses of these styles look with various models of shoes. This:

  • Ballet shoes.
  • Shoes with heels.
  • Platform shoes.
  • Certain shoe models.

Batnik has been relevant for several decades

Batnik is a distorted word in English, meaning “buttons down”. French designer Jean Busquet (pseudonym – “Cacharel”) in 1965 showed the world blouses, sewn according to male patterns. Soviet people enthusiastically met this piece of clothing. Now the body shirt is worn by both men and women, as it emphasizes the individual style of a person. Among women, body shirts with pockets and collars are popular.

Fashion designers provide a huge selection of such products, experimenting not only with buttons and buttons, but also with lacing.

Soviet fashion trends are increasingly taking the lead in stores and various designer collections. Fashionable women meet on the streets, as if they had just come out of the cover of a Soviet magazine. In the modern world, there is a certain attraction to retrostyle.

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