5 haircuts from the Forbes list

Every year, Forbes magazine publishes a list of 100 influential women. We studied the presented rating and chose 5 haircuts that are chosen by successful and business ladies.

Haircuts for women from the list Forbes

Zuzana Chaputova prefers a universal medium length with a slight graduation, which allows you to take your hair into a businesslike and restrained hairstyle. The favorites of the politician are considered to be a minimalistic low beam in various interpretations.

Loose hair is also acceptable. Suitable styling defines curls with a minimum wave. Stylists confirm that such styling is appropriate in a business image precisely at an average length below the shoulders.

In the Forbes 2022 list, the name of Iris Fontebona is in ninth place. A woman prefers a classic medium-length bob, which is recognized as a win-win business haircut.

Susanne Klatten is considered the richest woman in Germany with shares in the BMW concern and pharmaceutical companies. A woman’s haircut has been unchanged for many years – it is a discreet garcon with bangs on one side.

Lauren Powell Jobs, widow of Steve Jobs, favors the elegant cascading technique, embodied below the shoulders. Such a haircut looks elegant and restrained, due to which it fits into any image – everyday or business.

A square with a perfectly even cut is another win-win option for a successful woman. The choice in favor of this haircut is made by Tatyana Volodina, CEO of L’etoile.

The unspoken rule of business style says: loose hair is acceptable if the length of the strands is above the chin.

Signs of a haircut for a business woman

The image of a successful business lady is unthinkable without a stylish and elegant hairstyle. This is an important detail of the outfit, which forms the impression and completes the stylistic line of clothing. To make a haircut look expensive, it is worth considering a few basic secrets.

  • Laconic style and restrained design determine the right haircut for a successful business woman. In a business image, disheveled strands, flirtatious weaving and disorder are out of place – only accuracy and rigor.

  • Restrained design does not equate to boredom and conservatism. Old-fashioned haircuts hopelessly age the image. A modern woman is recommended to choose a simple, but at the same time stylish hairstyle that does not contradict the business style.

  • The formal tone of conversation suggests an image with an open face. If you have Napoleonic plans to conquer the career ladder, choose a haircut without strands hanging in front or a length of hair that allows you to experiment with tucked-in hairstyles. Bangs are acceptable, but with thinned strands – for example, a model on one side.

  • A perfect addition to a fashionable women’s haircut will be the actual coloring in a natural color. Stylists advise choosing muted shades that look elegant and expensive. Techniques using several tones are also considered a favorite of business women – light shatush or balayage.

  • A well-groomed and neat look of a haircut is the last puzzle in composing an impeccable image of an expensive woman. Split ends and regrown roots are unacceptable.

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The recognized favorites of haircuts for business women are squeaks, bob-car, square, pixie, garcon and medium-length cascading technique. Stylists recommend studying trendy models of classic hairstyles before changing the image – this way the image will turn out not only business-like, but also relevant.

Beautiful women’s haircuts for successful ladies are distinguished by a discreet elegant look and unpretentious styling. Such hairstyles look flawless without complex tricks and easily fit into a stylish look.

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