5 looks for New Year’s corporate party 2020

It will soon be time for New Year’s corporate parties in Russia. Stylists advise meeting the coming year of the Rat in an outfit that will look elegant, beautiful, but not defiant. Therefore, girls should think in advance about choosing an image for a festive party.

Combined outfits

It is best to celebrate the New Year in a magnificent bright dress. The trend of this season is refined and bright fabrics. Therefore, a great solution would be to wear a dress that combines several types of materials – velvet, lace, leather, brocade, satin and many others. The main thing is that the fabrics look expensive and beautiful.

Such an image can be monophonic, or combine contrasting or similar shades. The choice of style is quite diverse. You can wear a puffy dress to the floor or a combination with a short skirt. The main thing is that the outfit is bright enough and has a lot of jewelry.

Christmas look Mini

Fashion designers agreed that provocative mini dresses and skirts will be in trend next year. Therefore, it will be right to go to a corporate party in a fashionable way. Mini dress models include the following solutions: metallic sheen, long sleeves, colorful sequins, asymmetry and open back. In this version of the festive attire, one should take into account the presence of large, attention-grabbing accessories and jewelry that will make the party truly bright.

Evening Dress

Luxurious evening dress will be a great option for the New Year’s look. The one-color long floor-length dress is a real classic and will be popular in the coming year. For a corporate party, you can choose a completely closed outfit with long sleeves, puffy crop dresses or an elegant outfit with a pleated skirt.


A good option for an image for a New Year’s party in a serious organization is a stylish jumpsuit. In the coming season, yellow, green, orange, black and white wardrobe colors will be fashionable. Properly selected overalls will emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide small imperfections. Various accessories and jewelry will help to make the image brighter. This does not apply to asymmetrical models, which already look quite festive.

Velvet outfit

It doesn’t matter what to wear to a corporate party in honor of the New Year 2020 – a dress, jumpsuit, skirt or blouse, if they are made of velvet fabric. But the most popular this season will be the following images:

  • velvet dress with bare shoulders and frills;
  • blouses with a bare back or skirts with a slit made in velvet;
  • overalls with long or short sleeves and flared trousers.

All this will be a good option for the New Year’s image.

New Year’s corporate party is a kind of rehearsal for the main holiday of the outgoing year. Therefore, the selection of attire should be taken responsibly. To choose the right image, you need to know exactly where the event will take place and what the theme of the party will be. After that, you can choose the style that suits the situation to amaze colleagues with your exquisite taste.

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