5 matching jeans for curvy hips

Do you still constantly worry about the fact that your thighs are fuller than you would like? Are you constantly on the lookout for the “perfect” denim pants for you, because it seems to you that all modern models are too tight for “ugly” legs? Take Kourtney Kardashian as an example, she wears jeans without much hesitation, despite the fact that her hips are full. Therefore, you need to find the best style for yourself and everything will be super.

Jeans-pipes (skinny)

This model of jeans is sewn from a material that contains a large percentage of elastin. This gives the skinny the ability to stretch, thanks to which they sit well on the figure and remove all imperfections. This is a godsend for owners of lush hips. For lush ladies, it is best to buy products made of dense material, since dense fabric is slimming.

Skinnies will sit well on girls who have an hourglass figure. Pipe jeans are best worn with a cardigan, long tunic or blouse, and you need the shoes to have a small heel. In addition, choosing the right size is important, if the clothes are small, this will lead to excessive tightening.

High waist jeans

These trousers are a godsend for girls who, by any means, are trying to visually remove imperfections in the hips and large sides. The high waist makes the silhouette feminine, visually lengthens the legs and removes the “ears” on the hips. It must be said about products with a low fit, such a style for women with large hips is best avoided. This type of jeans will emphasize all the flaws and visually add new ones. And when a woman sits, her problematic area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe abdomen will be visible to everyone.

Flared jeans

Fashionistas still cannot come to a consensus on whether it is possible to wear such a model of denim trousers for owners of lush buttocks. Some say that they visually make the legs smaller and increase the hips, which is why they advise girls to choose a straight cut.

The other half claims that if you choose the style of such denim trousers correctly, then they will certainly get the first place in the wardrobe of a plump girl. In this case, the correct flare is considered when the expansion starts from the knee, so it is better not to wear a flare that comes from the belt for full girls.

boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are specially designed for ladies with curvaceous hips, with their help girls create truly flawless bows for an evening out with friends or daytime outings. They are versatile and perfect for any occasion. Boyfriend pants will look great with a T-shirt, sweatshirts and long coats, but in general, the top can be anything.

Straight jeans for overweight girls

A straight cut is well suited for girls whose hips are xxxl-5xl, they will visually make the legs slimmer and taller. High-rise straight jeans are what you need, they will hide all the problem areas in the abdomen and hips.

When buying straight-cut trousers, you need to pay attention to the fact that the trousers are not too loose in the buttocks. They will look great with classic blouses and a fitted jacket.

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