5 misconceptions about white in the image, because of which many bypass white clothing

White and black are extremes surrounded by many misconceptions. If you believe the existing prejudices, they make you fat, slim, look out of place, they can really only be combined with each other. Here are 5 myths about white that are long overdue.

You can not combine shades of white with each other

Yes, it has shades. Yes, they can be combined, even necessary. It is not bad manners. On the contrary, it will make the image more interesting, more voluminous. The main thing here is to choose a good combination. Boiled with the color of an egg shell, snowy with milk – these are just a couple of examples. By the way, you should be more careful just with sets consisting of things of the same shade, this can forgive the image.

Suitable only for brunettes, not suitable for blondes

Again, it’s all about the shades. Finding a suitable undertone that successfully emphasizes hair color and skin tone, dispelling the myth is as easy as shelling pears. And it was born due to the fact that snow-white clothes and black hair successfully contrast, attracting attention.

White top and black bottom – a universal combination

In order for such a contrasting combination to look perfect, you need to have an equally contrasting appearance. Moreover, in the form of a work dress code in which such sets most often exist – a basic blouse, a straight skirt or trousers with an arrow – they do not even evoke thoughts about the office, but about the waiters. It is best to either dilute this office deuce with bright colors, or find an unbanal suitable cut.

These clothes are not for everyday wear.

This myth was facilitated by soiling and the dress of the bride. Be careful, wash white things in time – this will solve the problem of pollution. As for the holidays, it’s completely stupid. There are no laws against wearing a milk-colored sweater for shopping or cafes. There is only one subtlety here – the design should be appropriate for a particular case.


In black clothes, you can look slimmer, but this does not mean that the reverse option will throw a couple of kilograms. It is not he who is fat, but the incorrectly chosen silhouette of the outfit. To make the figure look profitable, it is better to avoid tight-fitting things, white in the center of the silhouette, be more careful with belts and horizontal stripes. And most importantly – to select things suitable for the type of figure.

White is not more dangerous than other colors, if you choose competent silhouettes and combinations. He will not make the figure shapeless, and the image – tasteless. Just everything should be in moderation and to the place.

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