5 mistakes in the summer wardrobe of women with big hips

What does a girl with narrow hips dream about? Right! About wide hips! So why do the owners of beautiful, feminine forms make their advantage a disadvantage? This is because they make mistakes when choosing a wardrobe. Summer is in full swing, which means that it will be relevant to paint mistakes in choosing hot season clothes for women with wide hips.


The most practical attribute of everyday wear are jeans. It is a misconception to choose skinny jeans and low-rise models. The former will emphasize slender legs and buttocks that are inharmonious in relation to them, while the latter will highlight the problems of the abdomen. This component of the wardrobe should not be with large back pockets, as this will add volume to the buttocks, or with additional side elements, which will further expand the figure. You should not choose jeans with embroidery or bright prints, colorful or light colors. This will draw attention to what you would like to hide.


Dresses with gathers, folds, any additions at the waist. Undesirable asymmetry downwards or too tight silhouette. It is not recommended to choose dresses made of shiny fabrics such as satin, silk, velvet, or metallic materials.


Tight-fitting blouses or tucked into trousers (skirt). Such elements of the wardrobe will visually add volume to the hips. The color of such an element of clothing should not be darker than the bottom of the wardrobe.


Swimwear with large prints, bright colors will draw attention to problem areas. Bathing suits with frills, skirts, shorts will obviously not play in your favor. And thin straps will make the figure even more.


A gross mistake would be to put on a hairpin. This graceful heel will break the proportions, emphasize the difference between the upper and lower parts of the body. Since it is also difficult to walk on a hairpin, this can make the figure overweight and awkward.

Well, the main mistake of women with wide hips is the rejection of their body, dislike of themselves.

The described ways to avoid these blunders will help not only hide the problem areas of the body, but vice versa, emphasize the charms of the figure and the winning sides. The right choice of clothes only improves the mood! Acceptance of oneself completely – with all the pluses and minuses and a confident gait with a proudly raised head make an indelible impression on others.

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