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5 most common mistakes made when choosing summer shoes

Summer is the time of the year that many look forward to. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully prepare for it. Shoes are a necessary step in updating the wardrobe, because the legs should look amazing. An equally important component is comfort, because when tired, no dress will improve the situation. Therefore, the choice of shoes must be correct, you should not make mistakes when buying.

summer shoes

Narrow or oversized sole

Sometimes it is noticeable that a person in sandals with heels has a sole that is narrower than the shoes themselves. It does not look very aesthetically pleasing, which means it repels people. Not only does it look terrible, but it’s also unhealthy.

With a narrow sole, the joints are deformed, a bone forms on the big toe. The cause of ingrown toenails in humans is narrow shoes. It is not excluded and skin irritation, the formation of corns.

If the sole is large – for example, sandals with jumpers between the fingers – from this jumper to the edge there is an unnecessary distance with emptiness. The allowable value is a centimeter, but no more, so that it is a kind of “reserve” for the freedom of the foot. The consequences will be sad – for example, you can catch on, for example, the teeth on the escalator, and falling to the floor is guaranteed.

Shoes are too loose or oversized

Usually ballet shoes sin with their landing, but there are exceptions. The human foot needs a tight fit, but the poor quality of the material will not give the desired fit, freedom of gait. Manufacturers often make loose shoes, but if the foot is narrow, then the foot will have to be strained to hold it. Ugly and harmful are the only suitable words.

If you watch the demonstration on the red carpet, it is noticeable that the stars wear shoes one size larger, because the models are sent before the show itself, and there is no time to try on, let alone change. In ordinary life, it will be very difficult – at least because of the tension in the ascent.

how to choose summer shoes

Non-natural materials

In summer, choosing shoes made from natural materials is extremely important. Leather and textiles are the two main components. Leatherette in sneakers, shoes is dangerous for physical health, because at high temperatures, the chemical elements that make up the composition interact with the skin of the legs.

Another disadvantage is poor air permeability to the skin. In this case, a fungal disease, diaper rash is possible – treatment will cost more than buying natural shoes.

Patent shoes

Again, as with artificial shoes – patent leather shoes are undesirable for the summer season. At least because:

  • varnish does not allow moisture, air, so that the fungus of the skin and nails is just around the corner;
  • susceptibility to mechanical, physical damage;
  • susceptibility to temperature changes – cracking of the skin of the feet begins at temperatures above +25 degrees Celsius.

Even with lacquered shoes, a woman will be like “a friend among strangers” – this is simply not customary to wear in hot weather.

patent leather shoes

Closed shoes for bare feet

Moccasins, loafers, boots, etc. should never be worn without socks, tights. Feet, like other parts of the body, sweat, the skin on the heels becomes coarse. In extreme heat, instead of socks, you can use footprints. They are not visible. There are tracks for both women and men.

Still, shoes will always be one of the most problematic things – you need to choose it correctly, take into account literally all the nuances. But, of course, there is a plus – well-chosen shoes will serve all summer, while the legs will be easy, comfortable, and it’s nice to look at such legs.

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