5 shoe trends for spring 2020

Spring has not yet arrived, and trendsetters have already provided new women’s shoes for the coming season. A variety of stylistic ideas will not leave indifferent even the most fastidious fashionistas. Among the popular shoe trends, 5 of the most popular are distinguished.


The beauty of the Wild West haunts modern stylists. This spring, cowboy-style boots will return to store shelves. Models will differ from the classic Cossacks in colors, ornaments and fittings. The design of the toe and heel will remain unchanged. These shoes go well with any outfit and are practical to use. The best options for Cossack-like clothes would be: colored overalls, voluminous sweaters, asymmetrical blouses, massive belts and bags. Boots can be any height.

Stylists recommend wearing Cossacks not only for young girls. They are also relevant for women of mature age.


Elongated boots at the peak of popularity is not the first season. They are worn with shorts, dresses, skirts and tunics, voluminous hoodies and sweaters. In such shoes, a woman looks feminine and elegant.

The sole can be any. Flat, tractor or wedge. The elongated thin heel remains the most provocative model.

Lacing fades into the background, leaving room for fringe and a combination of different textures.

Muted colors.


Boats are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. In the new season, combinations of colors and shades are boldly combined. Do not go out of fashion and transparent shoes. Pointy models and shoes with a slightly rounded toe are back again. Heel height varies from below average to stiletto.

A cartoonish style is coming into fashion, in which the shoes of one pair can be of different shades.

The trim of sequins and rhinestones remains relevant. The heel may differ in color from the shoes themselves or is made in a transparent version.


Rough women’s shoes in men’s style will remain popular in the new season. Suitable for any style of clothing. Despite the massiveness, it always looks advantageous on the female leg.

Loafers are the most comfortable and practical shoes. For the new season, stylists came up with small heels of various shapes and trimmed with buckles and fringes. Another innovation is wedge loafers in bright colors. Models with a snake print or crocodile skin look spectacular.

Sport shoes

Sports shoes have become the most popular among other models around the world. The variety of options is limitless. Such shoes do not restrict movement, comfortable and convenient.

The combination is not limited to one style of clothing. Sneakers and sneakers boldly break into the office dress code, fit with airy sundresses and classic skirts.

The massive sole, white color remains in the trend. Combinations of several shades, Velcro, fasteners and spikes will be relevant. Mesh inserts allow you to wear sports shoes even in hot weather. And high top sneakers will become more like army boots.

Standard models have not been canceled, which will delight fans of sports classics.

In fashionable shoes for spring 2020, there is enough space for both classics and extravagant models. It is better to give preference to one or the other options. Then spring can be met in full fashion readiness.

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