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5 Stylish and Fashionable Wardrobe Purchases for Spring 2020

All seasons are submissive to fashion. And yet, it is in the spring that women and girls prefer to update their wardrobe, acquiring new things, sparing neither time, nor effort, nor money. To make successful purchases, you should know what is recommended to have in the spring wardrobe of this season.

spring wardrobe

Spring 2020 Wardrobe Principles

When choosing a wardrobe, it is worth remembering the basic rules:

  1. Selection of the base color palette. This spring choose fresh, light, bright cheerful shades. Pastel colors will become fashionable. To create stylish accents, designers recommend using red, azure, tangerine and, of course, fuchsia.
  2. Features of the figure. A variety of trends makes this task easier.
  3. Age orientation. For example, shortened models are suitable for slender young girls. For women of elegant age – more closed, but no less feminine.

Important information! For one bottom (skirt, trousers) there should be from 3 to 4 things for the top (blouses, shirts, tops, etc.).

5 fashion items for spring 2020

Not a single fashionista’s wardrobe can do without these things. Some of them were at the peak of popularity many years ago and are now back again.

Velvet or velor jacket

A jacket made of luxurious velvet or velor is popular again. Combine it with classic trousers with a straight cut or narrowed to the bottom, as well as with skinny jeans or trumpets. In both versions, two great looks are presented – business and casual. The jacket can be worn over the dress. This is a win-win option for all occasions. The image is complemented by brooches and other accessories.

Velvet jacket

Stylish shoes

Properly chosen shoes can instantly change the image, even everyday clothes. The trend of spring 2020 will be high boots with a wide top. It is worth giving preference to models made of genuine leather or artificial, imitating a “crocodile” or “python”. They are worn with knee-length dresses, romantic loose-fitting skirts. For bold fashionistas, a combination with straight trousers tucked into boots is proposed.

fashion boots

Printed dress

In the spring of 2020, you should pay attention to a dress with a print. This model can be combined with a cardigan or even a warm sweater. Suitable length – up to the knee and slightly above or below. The print is chosen so that it fits more wardrobe items.

Models of fashionable dresses


Another permanent piece of clothing. This season, straight shortened models, wide and narrow, are appropriate. The length should slightly reach the ankle. The presence of decorative elements is recommended: lines, tucks. However, smooth denim will also work.

Jeans for spring

Blouse in a romantic style

Romance in pastel colors is popular this season. Therefore, another indispensable element of the spring wardrobe is a light, airy blouse. Flounces, lace, collars, ribbons can be used as decor.

Light blouse

These are the 5 main pieces of clothing for spring 2020, which will significantly diversify the wardrobe, making it stylish and at the same time multifunctional.

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