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5 stylish wardrobe purchases for summer 2020

Following fashion is not easy. But for the hot season, you just need to prepare an image of spectacular stylish bows. Designers offer 5 irreplaceable things in the wardrobe, without which it is absolutely impossible to do without in the summer of 2020.

fashion clothes


A new juicy season opens with bleached or boiled denim, which is very useful for merging into the bustling life of urban fashionistas. Jeans are considered the basic thing in a women’s wardrobe and should have an honorable first place on the shelf of every lady, regardless of age categories and body type. Especially popular models this season are jeans in the style of “oversized”, “mom”, “boyfriend” with scuffs, fringe or tucked. Most successfully they are combined with tops, shirts and t-shirts.



In hot weather, sandals will undoubtedly be the perfect solution. Especially since the summer of 2020 gives you a choice of many options that are simply impossible to resist. The search for the perfect pair can be an exciting journey through the stalls of various styles.

For example, excellent models on a wedge heel or classic stilettos will emphasize the beauty of women’s ankles as gracefully as possible. Sandals with a solid sole without a heel also remain in trend.

A varied color palette is welcome – from delicate pastel shades to rich tones. Spectacular high lacing, buckles and a variety of metal inserts remain decorative elements.



This is not just a stylish indispensable accessory in sunny bright weather, but also protection of the eyes from direct sunlight. The most original models of 2020 are displayed in retro and classic styles. They embodied the most unusual images of this season.

And connoisseurs of total styles will find their own version among the printed frames to match the color of clothes or jewelry. In a number of numerous colors, you can find tiger stripes, sea waves or peas. But if preference is given to a monochromatic design, then the red color takes the laurels of this season. In them, a woman will look luxurious and sophisticated.



A variety of models of shorts is presented to the attention of the fair sex: denim, shorts-overalls, skirts-shorts in shortened and elongated versions. The fashion assortment includes both models for walking and shopping, as well as for romantic meetings and even for business negotiations.

Checkered, striped and high-waisted models are especially popular. They can be worn in tandem with T-shirts, tops, shirts, denim jackets and jackets. It is also allowed to wear both high heels and sports shoes.


White dresses

White dresses symbolize not only wedding ceremonies, but also just a summer mood and a bright sunny day. It is the color of air, sea, vacation and freedom.

The most popular models of this season are short and elongated white dresses. Especially exciting and original look options with open shoulders and in combination with bright accessories: belts, brooches, stylish jewelry, sunglasses and stylish hats.

White dresses

When purchasing stylish things for a summer wardrobe, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the figure. After all, only a combination of color, comfort and style will convey all the beauty and femininity of fashionable bows and make you feel confident.

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