5 summer makeup trends 2020 that will prove that naturalness never goes out of style

Naturalness – a concept that has become entrenched in the fashion world, has become a trend in almost all fashion collections and shows. Life is changing, and now models are no longer girls with perfect hair, silicone sponges and unnatural bronze tan. Social networks conquer photos of beauties with an even skin tone, neatly shaped eyebrows, lush eyelashes and a gentle blush. It seems natural will never go out of style. Summer makeup trends are a perfect confirmation of this.


Embarrassment is evident

A gentle blush playing on the cheeks will be a wonderful summer accent. This detail is used in everyday and festive looks. There are many types of blush: creamy, baked, roll-on, crumbly, gel, liquid, compact. The method of applying the product depends on the type of skin.

Now blush has become a real trend. The tool will give the cheeks a delicate shade, hide the signs of fatigue, correct the shape of the face, emphasize the natural beauty. Particular attention should be paid to pink and peach blush.

Gentle blush

Even tone

Beautiful skin with a slight radiance has replaced contouring from fashion shows. Especially relevant this season is a wet finish. The skin looks like the girl came out of the water and barely blotted her face with a towel. This effect will help achieve foundation with powder coating, concealer.

To create the perfect skin tone are used:

  • Primer. It is a base for make-up, applied before foundation.
  • tonal means. Can change skin tone, remove bumps.
  • Highlighter. A tool for highlighting individual parts of the face.
  • Corrector. Apply directly to problem areas.
  • Shimmer. Helps brighten skin.
  • Powder. Fixes the final result.

Even complexion

Shaped eyebrows

Particular attention is paid to the shape of the eyebrows. They must be neat, carefully designed. The bend of the eyebrow line can be marked with a thin cosmetic pencil. The shape is corrected by plucking out excess hairs. The eyebrow line can be tinted, give it clarity. The final touch will be a gel fixative for eyebrows or a tint.

eyebrow shaping

Lush cilia

Speaking of eye makeup, it is impossible not to mention mascara. This tool will help make eyelashes brighter, more lush. In summer, you should pay attention to waterproof mascara. It does not differ in quality from the usual one, makes eyelashes longer, voluminous, does not crumble by the end of the day.

In order to achieve a more natural effect, you can choose a brown shade. But eyeliner and bright shadows should be abandoned this season. The skin of the eyes must be given a little rest from such funds.

Lush eyelashes

Pink sponges

Lip gloss can be a wonderful addition to a summer look. Delicate, barely noticeable shades and light textures are popular. Such a gloss will moisturize the lips, make them softer, more voluminous, hide all the bumps, emphasize naturalness.

Avoid nude lipsticks. Instead of a natural effect, you can get lips with noticeable traces of lipstick. Such funds are replaced by tint balms.

Pink lips

Do not be under the illusion that little time is spent on applying natural makeup. This is a very difficult, painstaking process. The result will pleasantly surprise you. Natural makeup will emphasize naturalness, help to correct something, correct it. It is appropriate everywhere and always. This makeup can be done in the office, for a walk with friends or for a party. I really hope that naturalness will never go out of fashion, and such images will appear more and more often at fashion shows and on the pages of glossy magazines.

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