5 things from mom’s chest of drawers that are back in trend

Looking through photos from the youth of parents, we can safely say that fashion is cyclical. Now eminent designers draw their inspiration from the images of the nineties. Below is a list of things that you should especially pay attention to: perhaps they are waiting in the wings on the mezzanine.

Oversized jacket

Due to its cut, such a thing will decorate any woman, and how many incredible images you can create with it!

If you wear it with a light dress and pumps, you will create a very romantic and soft look, emphasizing the fragility and sophistication of the girl. If you add it to jeans and a top, you get a fashionable and modern outfit that is suitable for both everyday wear and for the evening.

Bulky shoulders

Surely everyone remembers these large foam pads-hangers, which were actively used by mothers in the nineties. So, now is the time to check with her where they are, because now it is in trend. Volumetric shoulders combined with catchy and massive jewelry can make any look sophisticated and relevant.

To look even more advantageous, it is better to choose a narrower bottom, whether it be a pencil skirt or tight trousers.


If earlier the brooch was associated with a stately and, possibly, aged woman, now all fashionistas in the world dilute their images with this accessory. A well-chosen brooch will be a great addition to any item of clothing, whether it’s a blouse or jeans. Don’t be afraid to experiment!


Waistcoats, jackets, fringed skirts are back in fashion thirty years later. Therefore, if such a thing has been preserved on the distant shelves from the mother’s youth, then you can safely dilute your images with it. If such a rarity was not found, then you can make a fashionable thing with your own hands by cutting the product into thin strips from the bottom.

Fringed jeans are also back in fashion after decades, so why not breathe new life into already worn out pieces?!

Knee-length shorts

Many fashionistas are now demonstrating outfits in combination with knee-length shorts. Combine them with both tops and light blouses. The main thing here is not to forget that such a length can play a cruel joke, visually shortening the legs. Therefore, it is best to complement such a bow with shoes with heels or wedges.

Here you can also add the already famous culottes, which have already firmly entered the wardrobe of fashionistas. Combining them with an airy blouse, you can create a stylish office option that will meet all the requirements of the dress code.

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