5 things no wardrobe should be without

The 2021 season plays with its variety of both colors and the use of non-standard solutions in the composition of images. But not one wardrobe of a modern girl can do without things that have already become indispensable.

Top 5 things that no wardrobe exists without


A great basic wardrobe option for both men and women. The shirt is relevant not only for office images, but also for everyday. With it, you can make multi-layer sets, as well as, playing with various stylistic tricks: tying a knot at the waist, tucking in or letting it go to the top, transform your everyday look.


Such a simple thing can be found in every wardrobe, it can be very versatile and applicable for different stylish looks. It can be styled as sporty, business, casual or even evening wear with more accent details.


For many years now, fashion designers from all over the world have been putting models in denim in different variations on the catwalk: jeans, dresses, jackets, tops and bras. Denim clothes are very comfortable. Everyone will find their ideal model and will shine regardless of the event.

Looking into the wardrobe, you can find a couple of things from this material, which every girl wears with pleasure and not only.

Leather Jacket

In the season of the first cool days, leather jackets appear on the street. A truly indispensable thing in rainy, slightly windy weather. The leather jacket goes well with both trousers, skirts and dresses. It will make any everyday look more stylish.

Sneakers and sneakers

They are the most comfortable and versatile footwear. Sneakers and sneakers can be easily styled with both classic suits and casual and even elegant dresses. Every fashionista has this thing and more than one pair, a truly indispensable thing in every wardrobe.

Author: Stylist Anastasia Sorokina @stylist.sorokina

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