5 Tips for a Flying Walk in Heels

Without a doubt, a high heel gives a woman a special elegance and sensuality. A woman’s wardrobe must have at least one pair of high-heeled shoes. To make walking in such shoes look graceful and relaxed, the following tips will help.

Step size

They must match the height. A tall girl needs to take wider steps, and a short girl needs smaller ones. Don’t walk too fast in heels.

This type of footwear suggests slowness and grace. Therefore, when you are going to put on shoes with heels, be sure to calculate the time with a margin, otherwise, rushing in such shoes, you risk looking ridiculous. And another important rule: the higher the heel, the shorter the step.

Foot placement

Socks need to be slightly turned in different directions. The foot goes first, followed by the body. The foot is placed in a position where the toe is slightly turned outward. The heel drops first, then the toe. You can not lower the entire foot at once, such a gait will be devoid of attractiveness.

Correct posture

Posture is the main element of a beautiful flying gait. In the correct position, the head and torso should be located in the same vertical plane, the chest is slightly raised, and the stomach is pulled in. The shoulder blades must not be reduced – this is an unnatural position, but lowered down. Shoulders should be on the same line.


Very often, an ugly gait is a sign of complexes and insecurity. From self-confidence, the shoulders open by themselves, the back straightens, a smile appears on the face, and the tread becomes flying. Work on self-esteem and confidence, if they are not at the proper level yet, as this affects not only the graceful walk, but also other aspects of life.

Comfortable and high quality shoes

It is impossible to achieve a flying gait in shoes that are not the right size, which rubbed the legs to the blood or with an unstable heel. When buying shoes, be sure to choose high-quality and comfortable. It should fit in size, not squeeze, the heel should be fixed.

The last should be comfortable, the heel should be stable, and the center of gravity should be properly distributed. You should not put on freshly bought shoes. It is advisable to try to walk in them at home or in the office. The toe of the shoes should be as comfortable as possible, not press or squeeze.

What you need for a beautiful and relaxed walk


  • ease and ease of movement;
  • slightly springy step;
  • raised head and gaze in front of you;
  • straightened back;
  • arms slightly bent at the elbows;
  • when the foot touches the ground, the knee must be straightened.

Not allowed:

  • swing your hips too much;
  • look down with head down;
  • raise your knees high;
  • waving your arms too much when walking;
  • slouch;
  • walk on bent knees;
  • make bouncing movements.

With these tips, you can safely put on your heels and set off to conquer the world with a majestic gait! After all, there is nothing more seductive than a graceful woman flying stately in high heels!

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