5 wardrobe tips for 2020

Preparing for the New Year occupies the minds of most people in the last days of the outgoing year. In addition to searching for gifts, preparing a festive table, decorating the interior, choosing a wardrobe is an important role. On this day, everyone wants to look irresistible and exceptional.

The symbol of the coming year according to the eastern calendar is the White Metal Rat. This is what you need to build on when choosing an outfit and accessories for the New Year’s party. The main thing for the Rat is that the outfit is extraordinary. There are several prohibitions in holiday attire:

  1. Quality and comfort. The rat is a thrifty animal and will not allow cheap things for the holiday, but will be against pretentiousness in outfits. It is best to purchase high-quality clothes that will last a long time. Dresses made of transparent fabrics are unacceptable, too frank, on thin straps, but also boring, without a twist are not welcome;
  2. Color spectrum. The main taboo is “animal” prints imitating the color of predators (puma, tiger, leopard, snake and others). These are the main enemies of the rodent and can scare it away. Bright red is not desirable – it symbolizes danger and fire. The rat will not like the rich blue and all the “marine” shades, because she is afraid of water. She is used to keeping everything under control, and so that the animal does not get nervous, use no more than 2-3 color shades in the outfit. But plain clothes look boring without accessories or bright splashes. All shades of green, symbolizing the tree, will not suit the metal Rat. In a men’s suit, it is better to avoid monotony in blue, red and gold colors;

  1. Style and fabrics. The symbol of the year is a sophisticated fashionista; for her, the main thing in a New Year’s outfit is elegance. Short skirts and plunging necklines can irritate her. Do not like the greater abundance of flounces and ruffles. It is unacceptable to appear at a party in jeans, stretched sweatpants or a casual blouse. And of course, products made from natural furs are not recommended, so as not to offend the rodent for their fellows;
  2. Shoes. When choosing holiday shoes, you need to say “no” to convenience. It is not appropriate to walk barefoot, in house slippers or ballet flats. It is better to postpone black and bright shoes for another holiday;
  3. Accessories and makeup. Wooden jewelry – exclude (wood is the opposite of metal). Fancy and bulky accessories will not please the delicate rat nature. In makeup, do not get carried away and select only one zone – either lips or eyes. The hairstyle should not be careless or just loose hair without styling.

The eastern symbol of the upcoming year, the Metal Rat, begins the 12-year cycle of the horoscope. And therefore, the main rule when choosing a New Year’s outfit for 2020 is that it must be new, preferably from underwear to accessories. To attract the favor of the Rat, it is worth buying at least one new element in the New Year’s costume. Try to take into account these few tips, and then the white rodent will become your protection and patron for the whole year.

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