6 reasons why you should protect yourself from the sun

The warm touch of the summer sun is what we dream about all year long. The sun influences our good mood, well-being and strengthens our health. However, the sun can also be dangerous. There are 6 main reasons why you should protect yourself from excessive sun.

Skin protection from UV radiation
Our skin needs daily sun protection.

Reason 1. The sun ages the skin

A beautiful tan is the main souvenir that we want to bring back from vacation. However, improper sunbathing and lying on the beach for many hours can come at a high price, because excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays accelerates skin aging. UVA rays penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and cause wrinkles. The body’s defense mechanism produces melanin, the pigment that darkens the skin, and brings it to the skin’s surface to protect it. So in fact, along with the bronze tan, we bring a few extra years from vacation.

How to protect yourself from the sun: In the city and on the beach, be sure to use products with UVB and UVA filters. UVB filters protect the surface of the skin from the effects of rays, and UVA – here are the effects on the deeper layers. Adjust the SPF level according to your skin type.

Reason 2. There is no safe tan

A fairly common myth is that the skin can be prepared for a tan on vacation with the help of a tanning bed or a daily street tan. It is not true. There is no such thing as a “safe tan”. And in the city on the street, and in the country, and at sea, the skin is exposed to the same sun rays, and in the solarium they also use UVA and UVB rays.

Window glass does not protect us from UVA rays, so even in an apartment we can be “caught” by the sun’s rays. That is why in the heat you should close the window with curtains or roller shutters.

Reason 3. Sunburn causes skin cancer

Sunburn is the cause of melanoma
Severe sunburn can lead to skin cancer

Severe sunburn in childhood significantly increases the risk of skin cancer in the future. Children’s skin is very delicate, so a child can bake in the sun in 10 minutes. In adulthood, every time we “burn” the skin in the sun, we take a big risk, because we reduce its strength.

Do not think that swarthy and dark-skinned people are less prone to sunburn. Due to inadequate protection, skin cancer in them can be diagnosed later precisely through this misleading statement.

At the slightest suspicion of skin disease due to sun exposure, consult a doctor immediately. Timely diagnosis and treatment can save a life.

Reason 4. Sunstroke is dangerous

After a long exposure to the sun with an uncovered head, the state of health very often worsens – weakness, dizziness, nausea appear, the pulse and breathing quicken. These symptoms can be dangerous! Do not forget about hats made of natural fabrics for yourself and for children.

How to protect your head from the sun: Be sure to wear a hat – best with a wide brim.

Reason 5. The sun destroys the eyes

Ultraviolet radiation adversely affects eye health. The manifestations of diseases are not immediately noticeable, so prevention in protecting the eyes is especially important. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation produces such diseases as “dry eye syndrome” (manifestations: pain and burning in the eyes, blurred vision), “snow blindness” (manifestations: sharp pain, severe tearing), conjunctivitis and even cataracts.

How to protect your eyes from the sun: Buy quality sunglasses with High UV-Protection filters.

Reason 6. The sun draws moisture from the body

Prolonged exposure to the sun leads to dehydration. Its symptoms are thirst and dry mouth, dizziness, weakness, blurred vision, and a decrease in urine volume.

How to protect yourself from the sun: Stay hydrated – always carry a bottle of water with you in the summer and drink regularly.

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