6 things that will add zest to your look

Any woman wants to be unique, catch admiring glances and receive compliments. To emphasize individuality, there are a few simple wardrobe techniques that will help you create your own style.

A white blouse

Despite the conciseness, this thing most often becomes the main key of the image. It is like a white canvas that will happily reflect all facets of individuality. Depending on what the image says today, a white shirt can be used in a variety of outfits. With blue jeans, this is a real fetish, emphasizing femininity and sexuality. With a strict black suit and red lipstick, a white blouse will give the image an aroma of business French sophistication and elegance, emphasize skin tone and hair color, and give the image freshness and composure.

Belt or belt

Belts and belts emphasize the image and add zest to the set. A thin elegant belt on a light summer dress will emphasize the fragility and elegance, a complex colored leather belt will draw attention to itself and become an accent detail of the image, and a brutal leather men’s belt, dressed with jeans, will give the set an aggressive element.


Recently, this trend is actively gaining momentum and is increasingly used in everyday life. In addition to traditional caps that give a hint of the wearer’s passion for sports, as well as hats that are preferred by women of elegant age, there are many headdresses that allow you to add zest to the image. It can be a ribbon that forms hair in a pin-up style, or a scarf that can be tied in a hipster style at the back. By the way, the scarf tied “a la grandma” became a hit with Western black rap artists. And the usual felt hats decreased in size and in the images began to emphasize sophistication in the manner of the images created in the middle of the last century by Audrey Hepburn. Do not forget that red or nude lipstick, matched to the tone of a headdress or a set of hats and scarves, will also become the highlight of the image.


Gone are the days when gold jewelry ruled the ball, and jewelry was considered bad manners. Bracelets will emphasize the elegance of hands, as well as a neat manicure, a necklace will emphasize a haircut or a beautiful hairstyle, and brooches will set off the color of the set.

Thematic accents

The kit, in which there is a theme, looks original and defiant. Often such sets become an expression of the hobbies or mood of the owners. Topics may vary. The nautical style set looks good in summer and is expressed in a white and blue color scheme with the use of “vest” stripes. If there is an interest in a specific object or phenomenon, for example, cats or a specific plant, then this hobby can be emphasized with a print on clothes. For example, a scarf and earrings.


A scarf, like no other accessory, can emphasize the character of the image. In the business sphere, thin chiffon scarves tied to brooches are appropriate, and voluminous checkered scarves with fringes are often used in casual style. And elegantly wrapped in a stole, you can not only create a romantic look, but also keep warm in cool weather.

Whatever the techniques used to give individuality, one must always remember that the main highlight will always remain the personality of the hostess, which must be emphasized in order for the image to become truly unique.

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