6 things women’s wardrobe, which is not worth the money

Cheapness and quality are concepts that mutually exclude each other. Many women prefer to buy cheap clothes, shoes for themselves in order to save the family budget. At the same time, they suppress the desire to buy a beautiful branded item, a handbag, a wallet. Sometimes they look with envy at a neighbor or colleague who does not deny herself this pleasure.

Cheap does not justify even the little money spent on it. Lots of things, but nothing to wear. No wonder they say that a miser pays twice. It is much more profitable to spend more money on a few good things than to fill the closet with second-rate clothes. To always look expensive and confident, you can not save on the basic things of a women’s wardrobe.


“A cheap pair of shoes is bad economy. Do not save on the main thing: shoes are the basis of your wardrobe.

Giorgio Armani

These words of a famous fashion designer, as accurately as possible, express what the external image of a woman begins with. When going on a date or a concert, you can buy an expensive dress, get a fashionable hairstyle, but a pair of cheap shoes will nullify all your efforts. Wearing expensive shoes or boots will give a woman self-confidence, cheer up and self-esteem, make life more comfortable.

Most of the life load falls on the legs: go to the store, take the child to the kindergarten, run around at work with documents, and so on all my life. Do not forget that any woman should take care of her health. It is given to her free of charge from birth. It cannot be bought with money. High-quality, comfortable shoes will save vitality, energy, good mood. These shoes can’t be cheap.

Returning home in the winter cold or autumn rain, it is comfortable to walk in warm, waterproof boots made of genuine leather. It is pleasant to go in for sports in expensive branded sneakers, and in light comfortable sandals – to go on a date with your loved one.


“They would rather forgive an ugly leg than an ugly stocking!”

Karl Kraus

How many aphorisms are devoted to beautiful female legs! The Austrian satirist was right when he admired them, skillfully dressed in expensive thin stockings. This was at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. But this expression does not lose its relevance.

Stockings and tights, like shoes, are an integral part of the female image. Cheap nylon tights “give themselves out with their heads”:

  • loose weaving from low-quality polyamide;
  • lack of a gusset;
  • uneven coloring, with stripes and stains;
  • the fabric is hard, unpleasant to the touch;
  • uneven, rough seams.

Putting on cheap tights or stockings, a woman dooms herself to the appearance of large puffs, loops, discomfort from wearing, disapproving glances from colleagues.

Expensive high-quality tights are evenly dyed, amazingly sit on the leg even after the 5th wear and wash, silky and soft. And if, moreover, they are ideally matched in density and color to the clothes, then the enthusiastic glances of men and compliments from women will not keep you waiting.


“A woman with an expensive and beautiful handbag will never ask a man to carry it!”

Quote from the internet

The handbag is so inseparable from the female image that a woman with empty hands is perceived as something unnatural and awkward. Its contents betray the character, tastes and lifestyle of the hostess. It remains a mystery to both the man and the woman who wears it.

Women’s handbag is not only a necessary accessory that stores the necessary things. She emphasizes the image, helps to demonstrate the impeccable style of the hostess, social status.

Every lady wants to look expensive and elegant, regardless of income level. Therefore, women often buy fake Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton bags, without thinking that they reduce the cost of the image. A girl in a minibus with a cheap Gucci bag looks comical.

An expensive bag, even if not from a world famous brand, favorably complements the female image and gives the hostess self-confidence. Its distinguishing features:

  • retains its shape
  • has even, strong seams, lining, zippers, accessories;
  • minimalism prevails in the style;
  • products of world brands have a carefully sealed sticker with an individual number.

An expensive fashionable handbag complements the beauty and originality of its mistress.


“Underwear for a woman is a luxury item of first necessity!”

Aphorism from the Internet

The underwear worn by a woman demonstrates her attitude towards herself and her level of self-esteem. Buying and wearing cheap underwear to holes, she subconsciously does not accept and dislike herself. Such an attitude towards oneself entails insecurity, complexes and failures in life.

Doctors say that wearing low-quality underwear is dangerous for a woman’s health. It causes skin irritation and rashes. The fabric often does not meet sanitary standards, sheds and quickly stretches. Thus, underwear creates physical and psychological discomfort for its owner.

A cheap bra stretches after 1-2 months of regular wear. So you have to buy a new one. It is more practical to buy 1-2 expensive ones a year and feel the beauty of wearing them than to buy a cheap option every month.

With the help of good-quality beautiful underwear made from natural fabrics, a woman takes care of her health, favorably emphasizes the dignity of the figure and skillfully hides flaws. It boosts mood and self-esteem.

By the way! The most expensive lingerie set worth $15 million was demonstrated by Gisele Bündchen in 2000. The set was created by Victoria’s Secret designers from red satin and decorated with 1300 precious stones.


“In this life, I regret only one thing – that I didn’t come up with jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – everything I hope for in my clothes.

Yves Saint Laurent

For a woman, jeans are a lifesaver when it is difficult to decide on the answer to the question: “What to wear?” Since the last century, they have become an indispensable thing in the women’s wardrobe. In order for them to bring joy to the hostess, it is necessary not only to choose them correctly according to the figure, but also to choose high-quality denim and tailoring.

The price and brand of jeans is a guarantee that the purchased item will faithfully last for years. Branded jeans are made of high quality fabric. They have even seams and uniform staining, without folds and creases. They keep their shape for 5-6 years.

Cheap jeans will prove themselves from the negative side after a few months of wearing:

  • elongated knees and buttocks;
  • dyed underwear and leather;
  • torn off buttons, accessories, broken fasteners;
  • torn seams, pockets.

In such trousers, a woman looks unattractive, untidy, …

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