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6 Ways to Cultivate a Sense of Style at Any Age

Sense of style. Something almost as valuable as the Philosopher’s Stone, and just as mysterious. In past centuries, they said that you need to be born with it. Today it is known for certain that it can be brought up in oneself. And age does not matter. And without plunging into special wisdom, for this you can use one of 6 methods, or even better – all of them together.

Sense of style

Don’t blindly follow fashion

Despite the fact that many great painters and sculptors started their journey by copying, in the fashion world it does not work so easily. It’s easy to copy a runway look, but it’s almost certain that when you look in the mirror, you want to exclaim: “That’s not it at all!” And you also need to remember that fashion is changeable and multifaceted. What some fashion blogger touts is not the ultimate truth and can be generally harmful. But at the same time it is useful to take examples. For example, from English aristocrats, favorite Hollywood actresses, or even your own great-grandmother, who was that sweetie! The main thing is to combine the individual features of the images you like with what seems appropriate for your own person.


Turn to gold standards

By the way, some of them were known in the XIX century. We are talking about the selection of clothes according to the type of figure, color types of appearance – spring, summer, autumn, winter, as well as the principles of forming a basic wardrobe set by Coco Chanel, which were rapidly developed in the 70s of the XX century. All these techniques and theories can serve as a kind of guiding stars, beacons and maps, with the help of which your own unique and brilliant style will begin to emerge by itself.

style standards

Find your favorite

Developing a sense of style does not mean giving up the luxurious luggage already acquired in the fashion industry! And if you are madly in love with coffee demi-season coats or an irresistible craving for tulip prints, black patent leather pumps with a pointed toe or something else, you don’t have to give it up! So it can be even more interesting – to develop the style not from scratch, but focusing on the fact that it should be in harmony with the most favorite things, which will be for him something like a foundation for building a mansion.

favourite things

Pay less attention to critics

These people do not always wish evil, but their presence in the social circle can distort happy days. These are the people who say that the blue color is aging, polka dots are the last century, and spending money on this bag is crazy! Critics can also be found among famous personalities in the fashion world. But here it is worth looking at the first point. Someone else’s opinion cannot be the only true one in the universe. Therefore, in developing a style, perhaps the main thing is to focus on personal opinion. And then the style will not be tried on third-party, but an individual style, subtly reflecting the private worldview and tastes of other people. It is possible and necessary to discuss stylistic changes in yourself only with people with whom communication is truly comfortable.

comfortable clothes

Notice the world around

A flower needs the sun, water, nitrogen and a host of other nutrients to grow. And a growing sense of style needs to be fueled by things that don’t belong in the wardrobe. Admiring works of art, the beauties of nature, listening to classical music and even modeling fruits from polymer clay – these and many other activities develop a sense of beauty in a person, because without which a sense of style cannot exist. It is enough to enrich your cultural vacation for a week to understand that it works.

sense of beauty

Pay attention to the background

If a cake, elegantly decorated with cream shells and lace mastic, is served on the festive table, inside of which a stale unleavened biscuit is found, this will make an unpleasant impression. So is the sense of style – it is impossible to cultivate it in oneself, ignoring additional details. Haircut and hairstyle. Skin condition. Makeup and perfumery. The manner of carrying on at the dinner table and in communication. A real sense of style that delights others is manifested in everything. And clothes are one of the beads that form his necklace of an integral image of a stylish person. Therefore, it is so important to take care of yourself in all plans, and then the sense of style will be brought up as if by itself.

images of a stylish person

When cultivating a sense of style, it is extremely important to know when to stop. A sense of style cannot be created by coercion and maintained by a hard pull on one’s person. When the inner understanding comes that the sense of style is “here it is!” and “it has come!”, this feeling must be carefully, like a hummingbird in the palms, kept with you and further maintained as carefully and thoughtfully as a capricious exotic flower is grown.

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