6 ways to hide the protruding: we mask the stomach and sides with clothes

Many girls dream of a thin and graceful waist, but due to circumstances, sometimes the dream is broken about the realities of life, and in the mirror, instead of a beautiful curve, you can see a belly with sagging sides. To cope with the problem will help playing sports, a healthy diet and properly selected clothes, emphasizing the dignity, and diverting attention from the shortcomings of the figure.


Corrective underwear, unlike corsets of the last century, allows you to hide problem areas and not lose your feelings. A popular model for masking the belly and sides are high waist panties, reaching almost to the chest. They create a beautiful silhouette and visually reduce the volume. You can also highlight:

  • graces;
  • semi-grace;
  • tightening belts.

Dresses that mask the belly

A well-chosen dress silhouette is the key to female confidence. Three main models of dresses that mask imperfections in the waist area:

  • A-line dress without adjacent and fitted areas will hide the belly and sides and visually lengthen the figure. The option is perfect for owners of a beautiful neckline and slender legs;
  • a dress decorated with a peplum sewn along the waist line will create a zonal emphasis on the chest or hips, and visually divert attention from the problem area;
  • a wrap dress with a flared skirt and a wide belt will create a beautiful female hourglass silhouette and make the figure harmonious.

Loose fit top

Blouses, tops, loose-fitting T-shirts, selected in size, will correct the problematic line of the abdomen and help to achieve harmonious proportions. For example, a loose-fitting blouse paired with high-waisted straight trousers will create a beautiful accent on the lower torso.

Long cardigan or jacket

An elongated model of a cardigan or jacket, ending at the middle of the thigh or even lower, visually stretches the silhouette and hides a bulging belly. The main thing when choosing an elongated model is to pay attention to the fastener line, the button should be on the most protruding point of the abdomen. If the fastener is above or below the stomach, then you get an ugly accent that emphasizes an imperfect stomach.

Pants with high waist

A high waist will make the line from the waist to the hips feminine and will not divide the figure into two parts. Classic straight trousers made of dense material should become the basis of the wardrobe of a woman with a problem stomach and protruding sides.

Accessories and drapery

Accessories in the waist area should be simple, but at the same time spectacular. For example, a wide belt on a wrap dress will emphasize the waist line and create a beautiful accent. The main thing to remember is that a belt or belt is an accessory, not a tightening tourniquet. As for draperies, the main thing here is to strike a balance. Ruffles, frills and folds can divert attention from the problem area, but only if they are minimalist and easy to perform.

By following simple recommendations in choosing clothes, you can achieve amazing results that will help you look slim and spectacular, even if you have figure imperfections.

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