7 Common Pantyhose Mistakes That Ruin Your Overall Look

Tights are an essential accessory for every woman who wants to emphasize the beauty and grace of her legs as profitably as possible. Often, fashionistas themselves make mistakes both when choosing tights and when wearing them. A good tone dictates such rules, adhering to which the appearance will not only attract those passing by, but will also play a huge role in meeting people of higher status.


Wrong size

By choosing tights that are not the right size, girls automatically shorten their shelf life. Such things wear out much faster: a smaller size will bring discomfort, tightening the body, there is a high probability of arrows and holes; tights, on the other hand, are more collected in folds, which eventually become covered with pills. Usually, manufacturers produce products with a table already printed on the packaging so that the client does not make a mistake when buying a product. The main parameters for choosing the right size are the height and weight of the buyer.

pantyhose size

Patterned tights

When choosing a patterned accessory, it is worth considering, first of all, the shape of the leg and personal style. A twisted and sinuous pattern will not give an image of femininity, let alone elegance. An inappropriate imitation will add a couple of extra years to the owner of the accessory.

Patterned tights

Wrong shoes

From time immemorial, translucent tights have been considered a universal option, suitable for 95% of images. There are axioms that you need to listen to regardless of your own desire, here are a few of them:

  • rushing from one extreme to another is not an option: light-transmitting or super-warmed tights will attract disapproving glances;
  • shoes must be on the platform;
  • wearing shoes with an open toe, a compacted toe or conspicuous seams will not add charm;
  • mesh stockings for sports shoes with a certain style will work as a plus.

shoes for pantyhose

Choice not for the weather

Due to their own laziness, female representatives get into the habit of wearing the same tights for many years (if you’re lucky and they don’t tear before the expected time) and in snow, and in rain, and in dry weather. You can simplify the situation: the best option for warm spring-summer weather will be an accessory of 20 den, for the winter 40 is also suitable.

tights density

Excessive shine

Shiny shimmer was considered fashionable in the 1990s, today things with such an addition look ridiculous and tasteless. “Glowing” legs cause disgust and a feeling of cheapness, in addition, the hips seem wider, and the limbs themselves appear shorter.

Shiny tights

High density nude tights

The main charm of this piece of clothing is invisibility, sophistication and naturalness. Thin tights will always be the best alternative to tight tights, because they visually narrow the legs and have nothing in common with leggings that can ruin even the most stylish look.

high density tights

Trying to save

Creases do not add attractiveness, so their appearance should be avoided. Cheap models are torn and easily stretched, which leads to undesirable results. In addition, in inexpensive products, the distribution of natural colors and shades is uneven.

cheap pantyhose

To look stylish and stunning at any time of the year, you just need to stop making such banal, but fairly common mistakes.

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