7 fashionable looks for spring 2021

The ideal wardrobe does not consist of clogged shelves or a closet door that does not close, but just a few things make it possible to create a fashionable look for spring 2021. In this article, we will analyze the most trendy and basic capsules, talk about colors and prints, the combination of which will decorate, freshen up and emphasize femininity.

Image number 1: elements of red

A fashionable spring female image cannot be imagined without clothes in red or its shades. Get ready for charming dresses, mega-comfortable jumpsuits and elegant blouses! And at the end – a scarlet coat or jacket. You don’t have to dress completely in red: just one element is enough to reveal all its depth.

Look number 2: all in white

As for white, in the spring season, fashionable images consist of total-white, and to find out how it looks, look at the following photos.

Flawless, pure, feminine – a lady in white clothes looks irresistible! We advise you to look at different blouses, shirts, dresses, trousers, and you will definitely be at the peak of popularity.

Look #3: Floral Print

Spring is simply impossible without a floral print! And now not only dresses are ready to show off: we offer you to pay attention to convenient and comfortable overalls. They are not hot, comfortable, and most importantly very beautiful.

Look number 4: pantsuits

Get ready to add a pantsuit to your wardrobe for a fashionable look for spring 2021 that will make you look younger. It adds harmony, helps to accentuate the figure, emphasize the waist or add volume to the hips.

In addition to business trouser suits, designers are ready to please with models that can be worn for any occasion.

Look #5: Denim

And here is another total-look: denim. If you want your image to be in line with fashion trends, choose denim jackets, overalls, suits, shirts.

Look number 6: with a skirt

A must-have look for spring is a combination of a fashionable mini-skirt and a jumper. The skirt can be of a very different silhouette: straight, flared, as well as with ruffles, frills and asymmetrical. Choose pastel colors, and a jumper or shirt – bright, with trendy prints, which we will talk about in more detail a little later.

A mid-length or maxi skirt is also suitable. It is best to combine such models with shoes with heels.

Look number 7: light dresses

Light flying dresses are the same mandatory element of the wardrobe as clothes with a floral print. They fit perfectly in spring time and decorate the bow. And to make the image complete, add jewelry, a jacket, a fashionable handbag. Feel free to wear sneakers under light dresses and enjoy comfort after a frosty winter.

Trendy colors

All the most juicy and unusual colors were collected in the spring-summer 2021 season:

  • Delicate white meringue;
  • Sea sand of a perfect creamy beige color;
  • Fragrant hot chocolate;
  • Refreshing lemon;
  • Cooling mint;
  • Peony shades;
  • Calm mountain lavender;
  • Cheerful fuchsia;
  • The color of the blue sky;
  • Shade of bright blue sapphire.

fashion prints

For several seasons in a row, fashion prints have remained unchanged. But now they have become more graceful, elegant and feminine. For proof of this, see a selection of the following photos.

  • The new floral print combines not only the pattern of fragile flowers. Now it is fashionable to add petals that serve as an imitation and add lightness and freshness to the image.
  • Animal coloring: python and leopard compete with herbivores. And the new hit of the season is the zebra.
  • Polka dots are back on the star Olympus: now you can choose not just black peas on a white background. Yellow, red, green – any color combinations = trendy spring look.

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Basic capsule for spring

If you have a few basic things, it will not be difficult to create a trendy look. And now we will show you what it takes to get a fashionable look for spring 2021 (tips are suitable for women of all ages):

  • Wool suit. Choose, for example, a model from merino. The suit is worn well and for a long time, it does not roll down quickly and the knees practically do not stretch. But most importantly, the fabric breathes. This means that you will be warm outside and not hot indoors;
  • Basic trench. It goes well with the classic style, complements the street style and rough boots. To be on trend, choose a trench coat in neutral shades and more authentic;
  • A basic coat in pastel colors is a great addition to all spring looks. The model can be on the buttons, with a belt that models the figure;
  • Powder anorak – put on and go! It goes well with suits in light shades, blue jeans;
  • Basic jeans are suitable for sneakers and boots, they can be worn with different sweaters and blouses;
  • The basic skirt is straight or slightly tapered. A great option for an office bow. Shoes can be anything from elegant pumps to rough sneakers.

To create a trendy look, be sure to add trendy accessories and bright shoes. When choosing things, pay special attention to the quality and composition of the material. Then they will not weigh down the image, moreover, they look rich and elegant.

Now you know everything about how to create a trendy look and what you need for a basic capsule for spring 2021.

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