7 inexpensive accessories that will change your wardrobe

Earrings that reach the collarbone, eye-catching necklaces and a wide range of bracelets – all these items can be safely worn this season. Designers also urge you to take old brooches and grandmother’s hairpins out of the box. Fashion jewelry is not what it looks like. Fashion jewelry is no longer just cascading worn rings, mismatched earrings and gold pendants. Now you need to tie straps around your neck (Cristiano Burani) and put on carabiners instead of bracelets – preferably with a key (Preen). Spectacular headbands are also in trend – for example, with spikes from Antonio Grimaldi. Also check out Area jewelry, a brand created by the duo Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Panszczyk. They cost a little, and can change a simple look in a second. These fashion accessories are worth having in your closet.


They made a comeback on the wave of 90s fashion, with hairpins in their collections promoted by brands such as Gucci and Ashley Williams. Now they are worn not only for practical reasons, but also as an ornament that can instantly change the appearance of even a simple hairstyle. In popular stores, you can look for hairpins with cubic zirconia or marble.

Extravagant handbag

It is worth having at least one extravagant handbag in your closet. This will be especially useful when there is neither time nor ideas for an evening look. Just choose it for a black dress or a white shirt and jeans. You can buy a “sequin bag”, a “jewelry chest” or a “neon envelope” – see which models are available in well-known stores.

patterned scarf

You can tie it around your neck, but it is much more fashionable to wear a scarf tied to your hair. Whether tied with a ponytail or used as a headband, the look will be trendy in a second.

Big earrings

Large jewelry is also in fashion: fashionable seals, heavy bracelets and large earrings. In the offers of mass markets, you can easily buy jewelry that looks like jewelry from your grandmother’s wardrobe or from a flea market.


Both gold spectacular XXL bracelets and thin chains tied at the wrist are in fashion. Remember the crochet bracelets that were worn in the 90s? Get them out of old boxes and wear them boldly, they are in fashion again. Karl Lagerfeld, in turn, promotes bracelets with tags from Chanel, and at the Azzaro show, bracelets are wrapped around the elbows of models like lizards.

Long scarf

You also need to buy a long scarf. Wear it over a sweater of the same color or casually fold it over one shoulder, like on the models at the Balenciaga shows.


The return of pearls will surprise everyone. However, no one will wear earrings similar to Vermeer’s canvas earrings. Now the pearl should look modern. Fashionable are large-scale pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, reminiscent of the sculptures of Alexander Calder (Armani Prive).

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