7 legging outfits to try on in spring 2021

Leggings are another proof that fashion does not stand still. If earlier this attribute of the wardrobe served only for sports or home wear, today trendsetters freely use them as an independent element, creating chic images.

Leggings + turtleneck sweater and coat

Pay attention to the combination with a turtleneck sweater, an elongated coat and rough flat boots. Moreover, a coat with a clear shoulder girdle looks the most stylish, and a coat with a sloping shoulder creates a comfortable look.

It is recommended to use the “Total black” technique, but you can replace the sweater with any light or bright version. In any case, it will be very effective.

Leggings + trench

In this combination, you can create comfortable, but no less stylish images. Try pairing the bottom with a trench coat, sweatshirt and white sneakers, or use a simple, thin sweater for the bottom. If your trench coat is lined, then a cotton long-sleeve top or a regular T-shirt will be appropriate here.

Leggings + jacket

Naturally, leggings are very fond of a jacket that covers the line of the buttocks. In combination with a top or a shirt underneath a jacket and shoes with a pointed toe, this combination will look simple and elegant. It will also be in perfect harmony with an hourglass silhouette jacket and an elongated leather jacket.

Leggings + hoodie

Teaming a hoodie with white sneakers is a great option for those who love a comfortable pastime. This combination will be a great option for a walk. Moreover, the brighter the hoodie, the more interesting the look will be.

Leggings + white shirt

This combination has one feature: the best option would be a leather bottom with a white shirt for men, and the freer it is, the better. And black boots with a stable square heel or shoes with a pointed toe will perfectly complement the look.

Leggings + top

“Sport-chic” is gaining momentum, so it is simply unacceptable to ignore it. Pair with a crop top for a confident look, while a loose leather jacket is the perfect complement to your trendy look.

Leggings + blouse

You should not neglect the classics either, so pay attention to the light and elegant combination with silk and chiffon blouses. This look is perfect for both work and a romantic walk.

Such diverse, but undoubtedly stylish combinations will perfectly fit into any wardrobe, and modern materials and well-chosen colors will refresh its filling.

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