7 Tips for Adding Chic to Your Look

For a long time in Rus’, women’s costumes were created in such a way that women seemed like a mystery – their figure was only guessed in the fabric flowing along the camp. For a long time, traditional sundresses can only be seen on stage, and they are more of a stylization. But women who know a lot about clothes try to follow one simple rule – the hidden intrigues more than the exposed one.

Vintage author’s hats – sophistication in details

Modern rhythms of life dictate their own rules in the selection of wardrobe, fur coats, model winter boots with stiletto heels are almost out of everyday life, just as muffs and boas, tablet hats with a veil and guipure gloves, reticules once disappeared unnoticed by most.

A stylish addition to a demi-season cashmere coat and guipure dress, and in our time, will be a felt hat, made to match or contrasting with a raincoat, coat, cardigan. But it will be completely inappropriate complete with a jacket, a windbreaker and a knitted coat.

Bows and flowers in a women’s outfit

There is no more feminine accessory than a bow. Unfortunately, it is almost forgotten as a hair ornament. High fashion periodically returns to bows on the head, in the form of author’s hats. They are not suitable for everyday wear, but one example of their use in life will be the addition of a cocktail or evening dress with a flower hat with a veil. A fitted black dress and an airy headdress are a chic that is permissible for self-confident persons who know how to carry themselves with dignity.

Shawls, shawls, scarves for elegance in a casual suit

Regardless of the chosen style of clothing – sports, business, romantic, with a fitted or multi-layered silhouette, her wardrobe must have:

  • small scarves;
  • gas, silk, woolen woven scarves, stoles;
  • printed and knitted shawls.

They are appropriate for linking with other things all year round, complement any suit, help to revive and make an outfit consisting of “Ripped” denim trousers and a knitted baggy sweater, justify in the heat the use of a stylish blouse, a regular sports shirt or just add color to a solid headset .

A chic thing without seams and patterns

Having a handkerchief made of natural or artificial silk, you can easily make a stylish top for a beach party out of it, which will make it stand out among your friends who limited themselves to a swimsuit with a pareo on the hips.

This method is perfect for those slender girls who do not know how to sew. A pattern is not needed, as is a needle and thread. Everything is fastened on the back with two strong knots, whether the flirtatious “ears” will stick out or the ends will be formed into elegant bows, depends on the size of the chosen scarf.

Traditional scarf ornaments on blouses

And if you work a little on the pattern, choosing the central part of the Pavlovo-Posad shawl for the design of the neck and the adjacent area, its central part, you will get an original warm, pleasant to the body thing, stylized in antiquity. This is a special chic. Blouses made of printed woolen scarves and shawls are in perfect harmony with classic trousers, pencil, bell, straight and flared skirts.

Tasteless combinations – pleated skirts with a checkered pattern. It is generally better to use monochromatic additions at the bottom of the headset to combine with a bright floral print on a blouse.

Men’s ties and ribbons on blouses – discreet chic of a business suit

And yet, most of us are forced to obey the dress code, which means that we will have to select clothes of a certain style for work, mostly monophonic. Blouses of a men’s shirt cut are suitable for almost everyone, but not everyone can afford to complement it with a men’s tie, which looks truly luxurious on slender girls with small breasts.

Big-breasted bows and flowing ribbons are more suitable. And this is another opportunity to bring individuality and chic to the finished costume by using a brooch, clip, ring to secure the bow.

Brooches, clips, barrettes

Inconspicuous jewelry, mostly in pastel colors, will decorate both a business suit and an evening dress; it will also be appropriate on outerwear. Cute little things create style, give chic and shine. The main thing is that there are not many of them.

When choosing an accessory, you should not overdo it with glitter and a riot of colors. For a multi-colored silk scarf, brooches with one-color glaze or stones of the same color are suitable.

Zircons in a silver frame and framed in gold-colored metal will never discord with either matte or glossy scarves. Hairpins and brooches made of precious metals with gems and glaze are always in trend.

It’s not hard to be gorgeous. To do this, you need to add beautiful scarves to your wardrobe that can be used as a traditional and non-traditional headdress, bracelet, neckerchief. A small retainer in the form of a butterfly, a rose, a cute animal will cheer you up, and a smile and confidence in your eyes are the best jewelry for a woman.

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