7 trendy colors this fall

Knowing the trendy colors and shades for autumn 2019, you will never go wrong with the choice of clothes and easily create an evening or casual look. After all, it is the color palette that “makes the weather” in the fashion industry. What shades will be the most popular in the upcoming season? Let’s figure it out.

Variety of colors

In choosing fashionable colors for autumn 2019, designers and fashion designers have traditionally been helped by the famous Color Institute – Pantone. According to him, the new palette will fully reflect the mood of the upcoming season – shades of orange, yellow, brown, blue-green, the color of a crimson sunset, bright red rose hips and viburnum. The trend will be natural and deep tones.

Color palette

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Fashion trends in the world of color

In the upcoming season, experts have tried to combine the eternal classics and colorful expression. The current palette offers to choose clothes of traditional colors for autumn, diluting them with bold and bright shades.


#1 Red

One of the main fashionable colors for the fall of 2019 was red, or rather two of its shades:

  • Red Pear is a deep dark shade of red. In the photo from fashion shows, this color can be seen in outerwear, shoes, blouses.

“Red Pear”

After all, the seductive and juicy Red Pear looks equally advantageous in leather and chiffon, both as an independent color and in combination with warm shades.

Selena Gomez in a red pear dress

[stextbox id=’warning’]It is Red Pear that will be the main color in clothes and accessories in the autumn-winter 2019-2019 season.[/stextbox]

  • Valiant Poppy is another shade of red. Unlike Red Pear, it is brighter, warmer and more expressive.

Valiant Poppy

Thanks to its attractiveness, it will definitely find a place in the wardrobe of a fashionista, no matter what the cold is outside. After all, Valiant Poppy can not only refresh the image, but also disperse any autumn blues! This color has become a base color in many fashion shows, and has been seen in Christian Siriano evening dresses and original Valentino bows.

celebrities in red dresses

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#2 Blue

Hazy blue is the opposite of bright and extravagant red. This shade carries thoughtfulness, calmness and tranquility. Despite the restraint, Nebulas Blue is a rather saturated color that will certainly attract attention.

Nebulas Blue

Unlike his fashionable counterparts, he does not try to resist the cold, he is ready to put up with them. “Misty Blue” is so friendly that it is ready to coexist with fashionable red shades, combining with them into single original compositions.

Stars in trendy Nebulas Blue dresses

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#3 Yellow

Despite the summer brightness and juiciness, calmer shades of yellow will look great in the autumn-winter wardrobe. Of particular note are:

  • “Ceylon Yellow” – this color allows you to add a drop of sharpness from exotic spices to the image. The shade simply glows with warmth and tranquility, like a cup of warm fragrant tea in a cool autumn forest.

Evelina Khromtchenko in a stylish outfit in Ceylon Yellow

Ceylon Yellow will look especially good in outerwear, coats, ponchos, sweaters.

Ceylon Yellow

  • “Light lime” – is able to illuminate cloudy and rainy days, when you really want a bright sun. Limelight is incredibly lively and attractive, lemony, effervescent and refreshing, just what you need in the color-poor autumn-winter season.

“Light Lime”

#4 Green

In autumn, nature drastically reduces the percentage of green, so dressing in Quetzal Green can make up for the lack of this shade.

Quetzal Green

In fact, it is a rich green color, but it has so many deep blue undertones that you can’t immediately tell which is more in it – grass or the ocean. Quetzal Green looks elegant and elegant even in everyday outfits.

Angelina Jolie in Quetzal Green

#5 Olive

“Olive Martini” – a calm green shade, seasoned with the color of tree bark. Images with his participation are refined and ambiguous. Martini Olive goes well with gray and white, reminiscent of a glass of a popular drink.

Martini Olive

[stextbox id=’warning’]Martini Olive looks especially attractive on dark skin, so if you can boast of a golden tan, take a closer look at new olive-colored clothes.[/stextbox]

Jennifer Aniston in a Martini Olive dress

#6 Purple

Trendy colors 2019-2019 in the images of stars

Depending on the shade, purple can be mystical and mysterious, or it can carry tenderness, femininity and romance. This season, two almost opposite shades will be most relevant:

  • “Ultraviolet” this color according to Pantone is the symbol of the whole 2019, so it’s a sin not to use it in the autumn wardrobe.

Ultra Violet

Fashion designers supported the Institute of Color, so their new collections are just “purple madness”. This fall, Ultra Violet will be in everything: fur coats, blouses, shoes and accessories. Mesmerizing, deep and ambiguous, “Ultraviolet” seems to be made for cold autumn and winter.

Ultra Violet Queen Elizabeth II

  • “Crocus Petal” – the antipode of “Ultraviolet”. It is gentle and light, refined and delicate. Crocus Petal seems to be nostalgic for the gentle spring and brings its arrival closer as best it can.

Jennifer Lopez in Crocus Petal

#7 Orange

Autumn landscapes are always presented in an orange palette. However, this season’s Reddish Brown Orange is a little different from the classics.

Russet Orange

Despite the fact that it is filled with the warmth of the earth and the richness of fading leaves, Russet Orange inspires joy, cheerfulness, inspires optimism, as if denying the approaching cold.

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Russet Orange in celebrity outfits

Now you know what trendy colors to wear in the fall of 2019. In clothes, everything seems simple, because even mono images in the right shades will look not only great, but also self-sufficient.


Hair and nails – what colors to wear them?

Autumn doesn’t always call for change. Therefore, women of fashion can leave the classic and caramel blond unchanged, which are especially relevant this season. If you want a change, then the best choice for autumn are bronze and golden-red shades.

Nicole Kidman

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For those who want something darker, a deep shade of ripe cherries and dark cinnamon will do. Among the cold dark shades, frosty chestnut can be noted.

Drew Barrymore

When choosing an actual autumn manicure, it is worth starting from the brightness and saturation …

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