7 winter wardrobe mistakes

It is difficult for women to stay stylish in -30 degrees of frost, so they often make peculiar fashion mistakes in their winter wardrobe that terrify designers. In order to feel comfortable, stylish, and not freeze in the cold, do not make some mistakes in choosing clothes.

How to dress out of fashion in winter 2020

When there is ice and frost on the street, the desire of the ladies is to wear 2-3 warm sweaters, two pairs of socks, felt boots and a fur coat. It will not look nice and scary. However, it is possible to create an attractive, stylish, cozy image, using the advice of stylists. These recommendations allow you to look interesting even at -30 degrees below zero.

7 errors found in the winter wardrobe are highlighted:

  • non-observance of proportions in clothes;
  • the presence of light summer fabrics;
  • many bright colors;
  • a combination of light jeans and black shoes;
  • warm accessories with children’s ornaments;
  • fur hat;
  • accordion on jeans.

Mistake 1: Proportions

The first mistake in a winter wardrobe is a lack of balance in proportions. The main trend of previous seasons is voluminous baggy oversized clothing. Many popular designers present a variety of down jackets and coats in winter collections. Yes, they are comfortable and stylish, but not for everyone. Bulky baggy clothes are suitable for young girls, and older women should choose more fitted models.

Another example where proportions are not respected is joggers. This comfortable and versatile thing is at the peak of popularity, but wearing it, women often make mistakes. Joggers are paired with heels and a fitted top. This image is not suitable for winter.

Mistake 2: light fabrics

In winter, it is no longer fashionable to wear light dresses made of chintz, linen, and cotton. For the cold season, only winter fabrics are needed, which will look denser, richer, and fit in texture.

Choosing the right material is very important for frost. A woman in a cotton outfit looks beautiful, but risks getting hypothermia. In winter, give preference to a puddle of wool, jersey, flannel, velvet.

Mistake 3: summer colors

In winter, you need to choose more dense and rich shades of the wardrobe. In the cold season, picking up clothes in a flower, with voluminous and bright prints, anchors, palm trees is not a good idea. Even for winter, things of a marine theme and colors are not suitable. They are typical for the spring and summer season.

You can choose a bright jacket, but the rest of the image should have more muted colors.

Mistake 4: light jeans and black boots

If in the autumn you can wear light jeans, combining them with black boots and boots, then in the winter season this is a serious mistake. This combination is no longer fashionable to wear, and it also makes the figure disproportionate, adding kilograms. If this is appropriate for a thin twenty-year-old girl, then a large thirty-year-old woman will look bad. Another combination of clothes and shoes is not suitable for winter.

To complement your winter look with blue or white jeans, wear brown boots. Dark denim pants in winter are combined with identical boots.

Mistake 5: children’s hats and mittens

Today on the shelves of stores there is a wide range of adult accessories with children’s drawings: ears and muzzles of animals, snowflakes, Santa Claus. Yes, it looks cute, but it does not combine with the image of a mature person.

To maintain a good mood, you can buy one of these accessories. However, do not combine with a classic style coat. No one wears children’s hats and gloves like that, and never wore them!

The presented accessory is suitable for a parka or down jacket. Therefore, if you pick up an incompatible thing, the image will become ridiculous.

Mistake 6: fur hat

In the latest collections of designers, there are many hats made of fur. But, it’s one thing to walk the catwalk, another thing – to walk the streets. If a fur hat is present in the wardrobe, it is important to combine it with a stylish coat. You can not wear an accessory with a down jacket or a worn fur coat.

Also, stylists do not recommend complementing the image with large and bright beads. This is an image error!

Mistake 7: accordion on jeans

The anti-trend 2020 is long jeans that cover shoes. They form an accordion near the base of the boots, which looks silly. It is not yet recommended to allow large gaps by hemming jeans to fit your height or tucking them. Only one neat lapel is available.

Also, stylists do not recommend wearing skinny and cropped jeans that expose the ankle and socks. In cold weather, it is not stylish, but cold.

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Other mistakes of women’s winter wardrobe

Winter seasons are popular for voluminous knitwear, but you need to wear them carefully. Such clothes are not suitable for owners of a dense figure.

Sweatshirts and turtlenecks with a large collar are not yet suitable for everyone. For women with a short neck, a large face, broad shoulders, stylists recommend giving up such clothes, and things that increase the neck area: collars, scarves, an abundance of fur.

Also avoid sparkling and large stones on gloves. It looks unattractive and funny.

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Do you want to look stylish and attractive? Check out the fashion mistakes in the winter wardrobe that you should not make when creating an image.

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