8 fashion items that make men smile

“Laughing, really, is not a sin at everything that seems funny.” It’s nice when a man smiles at the sight of a woman. But if only clothes make you smile, it’s sad. In such a smile there is not admiration, but bewilderment, confusion, mockery. The man does not understand what is in front of him: either a girl, or an absurd vision.

Faux fur coats

Eco-friendly, fashionable, stylish. Fur coats of different colors – mint, mustard, beige, red are full of colors on the streets.

The girl is sure that she is cute, like a soft toy. But most often, plush mimimi looks infantile and stupid, like a lisp of an adult woman. Long fur coats made of eco-fur in beige and sand colors are a grandmother style. Unearthed on the mezzanine, half-eaten by moths, grandmother’s favorite fur coat. So the girls in multi-colored cheburashkas run clumsily along the street, causing ironic smiles.


Sleeveless outerwear made of fabric or fur, reminiscent of a poncho.

Cape excites many bizarre associations. Dzhigit in a shortened cloak? And the glance involuntarily searches for the Akhal-Teke parked around the corner. An Indian woman in a wool blanket with a hole for her head? Extremely uncomfortable and ugly attire.

Bulky down jackets

Fashion is not the first season. Short and long, various colors and textures. One thing unites them – shapelessness

Last season, men were amazed by girls wrapped in blankets. However, there was almost no opportunity to see what was wrapped there. This winter, the Italian brand Moncler released a down sleeping bag that became a hit after Rita Ora appeared in public in the form of a bag with legs.


Lunar rover boots are a must-have for this season. Comfortable and warm shoes for winter, and there is no difference between the right and left moon rover. You can, without understanding, put on shoes. Moonbuts are decorated with rhinestones, embroidery, fur.

Sophisticatedly and with a special sadism they disfigure women’s legs, turning them into elephants. Moonboots with fur resemble the paws of an animal or yeti.


Army and trekking boots – cool, stylish, practical. The thick tractor sole is non-slip, stable and comfortable.

Seeing a girl in massive and bulky boots, a man thinks: “Why did she put on her father’s berets, and where was she going to go over rough terrain?” Or is the girl preparing to make a 10-kilometer march in full gear?


Large knitted voluminous hats – beanie, takori. Worn with two or more lapels, or without turning. Often hats are decorated with fur pom-poms, rhinestones.

From the Babylon on the Head series. Coarse knitting looks sloppy, and a large volume distorts the proportions of the face and figure. Pompoms on hats, “ears”, animal muzzles – this is for little girls. On adult girls, they are most often inappropriate.

Pants and jeans

Pants and jeans with a high waist of different styles – bananas, riding breeches, mom. In the latest collections, the emphasis on the high waist has become even more pronounced. It is emphasized with a knitted or leather belt. Designers and stylists assure that such a cut gives a unique femininity to the image.

For some reason, men think differently and call pants clown. Pants move the waist to the armpits, as if they were pulled over the chest. It is very upsetting in such a style that it flattens the ass, making it not appetizingly round, but shapeless and pear-shaped.

Boho style

Original and bright and sets of seemingly incompatible things, fabrics, colors, accessories allow you to show the delicate taste of a creative person. Boho is a style for free and relaxed girls.

Very few women have such good taste and artistic flair to remain attractive in such clothes. Most often, the girls seem to have escaped from a gypsy camp or a traveling circus. In advanced cases, boho is the “city crazy” style or just a walking pile of rags.

Men will not appreciate a complex image. For them, layered outfits are a hindrance to admiring female beauty.

Ordinary men do not like anything avant-garde, conceptual and trendy in women’s clothing. They do not notice the details of the costume, but look at how beautiful and sexy the girl in it is. If fashion trends deprive a woman of these qualities, then men do not like them. The stylist will appreciate, the man does not.

Brace yourself, men. Summer is coming, and the girls will be dressed in shapeless granny sweatshirts in eye-catching colors, stupid slippers and wide palazzo trousers for sweeping the streets. There will be something to laugh at.

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