9 Stylish Mistakes A French Woman Will Never Make

French women are amazing at creating light and stylish looks that harmoniously combine the latest fashion trends and noble classics. We call the elegant and at the same time bold style of modern France “French chic”. To master it, you first need to learn how to avoid common mistakes that true French women never make.


One of the main mistakes of our women is ignoring accessories. But it is with the help of all kinds of belts, scarves, scarves, bracelets and other additional elements that a simple set of clothes turns into a stylish bow.


Precious jewelry made of gold and silver is inappropriate for a walk in the park or, for example, at a friendly meeting in a cafe. For a business meeting or social event, you can wear a pair of discreet jewelry that should be in the same style, but not from the same set (such are the current trends). For special events, you can decorate yourself with more expressive jewelry, but they should have either a neutral or modern design.

Jewelry on clothes

Clothes decorated with rivets, rhinestones, shiny embroideries deprive the image of the elegance necessary for the French style. These things don’t always look cheap. In an expensive version, they can be suitable for going to a nightclub. But the outfit studded with rhinestones has nothing to do with French chic.

Uniform style

It is not necessary to select all the elements of the costume in one style. Although, the temptation, of course, is great – you can simply combine a business skirt and a blouse, or leather trousers with a leather jacket and that’s it, the image is ready. But in fact, if you do not dilute such a set with elements of a different style, the look will turn out to be simply boring at best. At worst, caricature. You can avoid this effect with the help of accessories. But it is better to master the skills of combining things of different styles.


Clothing with a large bright print draws a lot of attention. It can be original and quite attractive thing. But it will be difficult to combine with other elements. In order not to risk ease and harmony in a suit, it is better to refuse such things.


Blindly following fashion betrays a lack of personal taste in a person. This does not mean that you should not keep track of the latest trends. You just need to learn to distinguish which of them deserve attention and which can be ignored.

Fur coats

A fur coat made of natural fur with a classic cut can get into the wardrobe of a French woman when she reaches a respectable status age. Young women and girls do not wear such clothes. For them, there are modern fashionable products made of faux fur.


A large brand logo on a bag, jacket or any other element of the wardrobe is a sign of bad taste. Especially if the logo is applied to a thing that has nothing to do with this brand.

Push up

Bras that lift and visually enlarge the breasts are not worn by French women. The reason is that everything should be as natural as possible and in no case vulgar.

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