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90s shoes are back: what to wear with geometric heels in summer 2020

The geometric heel is the hottest trend this summer, from the simple rectangle to the circle, cylinder and square, sculpted heels have made their way into most of the spring/summer 2020 collections. The shoes are sculpture-like, crafted from metal, wood and other materials, and fashionistas have plenty to choose from.

Geometric heel

How to wear such a heel

The main rule is to keep a balance. If shoes are supposed to be the center of the image, then the outfit needs to be concise, restrained, perhaps even nondescript. This is necessary so that the clothes become the background, so the outfit will emphasize the unusual heel.

unusual heel

You need to be prepared for the fact that such shoes will not be very stable. If active movement is expected, this must be taken into account.

What to wear

The sculptural heel itself is already able to attract the attention of others, so it is good to combine it with any minimalist style items. If we are talking about a vacation, then a bet is made on such outfits. Sculptural shoes are best worn with laconic simple things and not overload the image with unnecessary accessories.

Sculpted heel

Paired with a geometric heel, proven bows from basic things will look advantageous: knitted dresses of the same color, linen sundresses, bermudas and culottes, flared trousers, always relevant in summer, and a duet of white jeans and a vest. These shoes pair well with regular jeans and T-shirts. Fashionable asymmetric solutions that are in demand this season are also suitable. A wicker bag completes the look.

Sculpted heel and jeans

Where to wear

Both for weekdays and for evening walks, minimalist mules with geometric heels are equally good. This is the right choice, as a pair of such shoes is able to keep company with both a strict trouser deuce and a sensual silk skirt.

geometric heel mules

Original sandals will add sexuality to the beach look, complementing the duet of a swimsuit and an interesting hat. Probably, walking on the sand will not be very comfortable, but, nevertheless, the view will be stunning, there will be a lot of new material to fill your instagram.

sandals with original heels

Decorated models, as open as possible, with non-standard heels will be appropriate for a romantic date and for a solemn event.

shoes with irregular heels

Sculptural shoes, of course, will not be chosen by every girl, but those who dare to such an experiment will be in for a pleasant surprise. Such shoes will distinguish the hostess from the crowd, make the image unique and inimitable.

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