A fashion investment: things a woman shouldn’t skimp on

Selfless ladies are used to being the first to satisfy the needs of the family, but there are things that a woman should not save on in order to look fashionable and attractive. Unfortunately, modern girls can completely forget about themselves and give everything to the family. They will walk around in old underwear that is already 3 years old, but they will buy expensive clothes for their children or their husband. It is not right! Psychologists say that there are 5 main things where you can not save.

What things a woman should not save on

Psychologists believe that the decision to save on oneself is harmful to health, causes a large number of complexes, and becomes the root cause of quarrels in the family. All this causes depression, nervousness and lack of self-love. A woman who does not satisfy her social needs may have an aversion to the family.

If a lady saves on herself, her quality of life deteriorates, and relationships with others deteriorate.

In most families, it is the woman who manages the family budget. She makes up the family’s diet, buys food, saves for repairs or vacations. Often there is not enough money for all needs, and somewhere you need to save. Usually this is a woman’s refusal from beauty salons, high-quality cosmetics, new clothes and gold earrings.

The need to save is bad for self-esteem. When a woman is not happy with her appearance, she becomes irritable, and others begin to treat her worse. To avoid this, and remain a happy and self-confident lady, do not skimp on 5 things:

  • shoes;
  • bags;
  • perfume;
  • manicure;
  • underwear.


How often do sellers of cheap shoes say that it differs from the expensive one only by the price tag, and the quality is almost the same. It is not true! Buying shoes or boots cheaply is a bad idea. Cheap shoes tear quickly, rub your feet, causing blisters, and give off an unpleasant odor.

Only high-quality models will be able to complete the image, giving it conciseness. Therefore, buying good shoes, you ensure the health of your feet.


In no case should a woman save on a bag. It should be fashionable and stylish thing without protruding threads. It should not be made of artificial leather or tasteless leatherette. Choose quality and lightweight bags that do not burden the shoulders. A small-sized accessory will not allow you to collect extra things that a lady does not need.

Also choose a bag of universal shades, and then it will be easy to combine with any look. The ideal option would be black, red, gray shade.

If you can save on other things, then the bag is not worth it. Choose products made from natural materials. Leatherette bags last two or three seasons, and then there are scuffs and scratches. Also, poor quality fittings quickly break down and lose their attractive appearance. A bag made of genuine leather will last a couple of years, and will retain its appearance for a long time.


Another woman should not save on perfume. It is better not to have perfume at all, but not to use a cheap smelly smell.

Perfume is the second garment of every person that can cause delight and make the image more refined and expensive. Every woman should smell charming and tasty.

Cheap perfumes have a kind of alcohol plume and quickly disappear. If finances do not allow you to buy an expensive perfume, replace it with essential oil. It will give a delicious and exciting aroma that can improve health.


Well-groomed, beautiful hands and a neat manicure are the visiting card of all ladies. Unevenly trimmed or broken nails, burrs, cracked varnish give a woman a sloppy look. It is the duty of all girls to watch their hands and nails. This will give confidence and attractiveness.

When choosing a master, do not save on the service. Manicure at home is a high chance of introducing an infection or fungus, because the tools may not undergo the required processing. Also, don’t forget to take care of your hands and nails. Buy quality creams, masks and oils.

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This is one of the main things that makes a woman attractive. Nothing gives such confidence, mystery and mischievous sparkle in the eyes as the thought of chic lace lingerie that is under the dress. Many men think that ladies wear beautiful sets for them, but this is wrong. High-quality and fashionable lingerie makes a woman sexy and self-confident.

There are different moments in life, so ladies should leave the house in such a way that they are not ashamed to undress. Beautiful, stylish and expensive underwear is a set that allows a woman to look fashionable at any age, be it 20, 35 or 50 years old.

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General recommendations regarding the basic wardrobe

Many members of the fair sex prefer to go “second hand” and buy a large number of used items, instead of one item from a reliable brand.

Basic clothes are everyday things that come into contact with skin tissues and shape the mood.

Let there be a couple of quality items in the wardrobe, rather than a lot of tasteless and worn rags.

The rules about things that a woman should not save on in order to look fashionable and stylish will turn her worldview upside down and make her fall in love with herself.

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